[luatex] LuaTeX file almost 2.5x bigger

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Thu Aug 5 13:30:20 CEST 2010

If I may jump right into the discussion and perhaps miss the point:

> WR:
>> So while enabling hz to remove overfull lines might not be detectable,
>> the fact that it helps to remove them in the first place is a good
>> reason to use it, for me.
> I must admit that I seldom has overfull boxes (maybe lucky with
> settings), sometimes long inline verbatim gets tricky (thinking of it
> ... inline monospaced fonts can have much stretch /shrinkas squeezing is
> already part of the design.

Some of my latest docs involving pretty narrow \hsize would have been undoable
without hz (tons of overfull boxes otherwise). While I've tired my eyes on page
191 of Bringhurst's /Elements/ to no great avail (barring the line-by-line
comparison, of course), it seems to me that hz can be spotted when comparing
narrow paragraphs with and without it (something in the text's color, although I
might be cheating myself here); anyway, hz (meaning character expansion only
here) is one of the (many) reasons why I moved from XeTeX to LuaTeX, and with
regard to what I can do now, I couldn't live without (to the extent that I
haven't tried not to use it with comfortable \hsize... I should do the test).

> WR:
>> HH:
>>> He also suggested that stretching lines vertically in order to get rid
>>> of widow lines was probably more effective.
>> This is a nice idea (as long as you're not interested in grid typesetting).
>> Although with 40 lines per page, say, you'd need to stretch by a bit more
>> than 2.5%, which seems a little high. Perhaps you'd stretch by 1% in
>> combination with reducing the interline space to achieve the rest.
> The assumption was that no one notices. And of course spreads should
> then align.

Pages on the same leaf wouldn't align though. It depends on the paper, but
sometimes it's annoying (and sometimes for me it's just "ha ha, no grid! damn, I
ain't disturbed... I MUST find a way to be disturbed, I can't allow no grid!",
and then I feel quite pedantic and almost a fraud).


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