[luatex] luatextra font system

Elie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Sat Mar 14 12:32:00 CET 2009

Ulrike Fischer a écrit :
> Incompatible to who? XeTeX *extended* the standard \font syntax to 
> handle the loading of open type fonts but the syntax for all fonts 
> that pdftex and raw luatex can handle too is unchanged.

Your TeX version handles \font="[myinternalfile]" for files in the TDS? 
Great! Mine does not... That's how eu1*.fd handle fonts, and that's why 
it's not compatible.

> With a font callback luatex can be enable to handle also open types 
> fonts. It shouldn't be a problem (as far as I know context/mkiv) 
> contains already the necessary code) to write this font back in a 
> way that enables luatex to handle also font syntax of XeTeX. 

As I said in my mail, I already wrote a parser to handle XeTeX's font 
syntax, so I know it's not a problem. About open type fonts, I'm writing 
a minimal script to handle them, the main code will be done in a GSoC by 

> And in no case generate a lot of eu1*.fd-files. As you can see if 
> you look at xetex/fontspec there are quite unnecessary. Also you 
> will never be able to generate all entries for all possible 
> combinations of open type features. (fontspec generates the entries 
> on the fly and use counters in the family name to distinguish 
> different variants.)

Please read my mail again... I'm not talking about new fonts. Of course 
new OT fonts will be declared with fontspec. I'm talking about using old 
fonts, like times for example. The most logical way to use them with 
LuaTeX would be to use them with EU1 encoding I think.

> If you really want to improve font handling in lualatex you could 
> write the necessary code so that until unicode fonts can be used 
> with luatex non-ascii input works with TS1,T1....-fonts. 

Please read my mail again, I'm talking about it too.

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