[lltx] Pre-built format at microtype

Henrik Mannerström henrik.mannerstrom at gmail.com
Thu May 19 08:05:25 CEST 2016

OK, thank you for your answers!

On 18.05.16 21:32, Joseph Wright wrote:
> \dump saves the *TeX* state to the .fmt file, but not the Lua state. One
> can arrange (using bytecode) to save Lua fragments into a format but
> this is not really a general solution. Thus Lua code has to be loaded
> \everyjob. That's fine provided it's expected, but LaTeX packages tend
> to be designed on the assumption that they will be loaded 'live'. (In
> l3kernel we do allow for user dumps, but this is not perhaps everyone's
> priority.)

Is there any way I can make a "precompiled format" or "dump" or such
with LuaTeX? Should I move this question to the dev-luatex mailing
list? With PdfTeX, I can get three times faster compiles with dumped

Best regards,

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