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Philipp Gesang Philipp.Gesang at alumni.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue May 28 19:17:21 CEST 2013

···<Datum: Tuesday, 28. May 2013>···<Von: Ulrike Fischer>···

> Am Mon, 27 May 2013 23:57:43 +0200 schrieb Philipp Gesang:
> > Hi Ulrike!
> >> - it should be configurable which location is prefered (comparable
> >> to the "dvipspreferoutline" of updmap)
> > 
> > Now: luaotfload-tool --prefer-texmf.
> > 
> >>                                        - if possible also on a font
> >> basis so that one can override the general decision for specific
> >> fonts. 
> > 
> > Don’t absolute paths cover that?
> Completly hard coded pathes would be imho not really sensible: I
> e.g. have tex systems on 3 PC's. But one could naturally use kpse to
> get the texmf-path and so keep the documents more or less portable. 
> But I was more thinking about a way to handle the configuration more
> centralized. I have e.g. currently miktex, TL12 and TL13. All three
> tex-systems have access to the same local texmf-tree where I have
> stored some local fonts, blacklists for luaotfload etc. I think it
> would be useful to have there some configuration file, where I could
> put instructions like "if libertine is in the texmf-tree then use
> it".  

This would be a simple matter of drawing up some DSL for
configuration. Then we keep extending it with every feature
request and in a couple years from now we’d end up with some
informally specified bug-ridden implementation of SQL.

Joke aside, your problem can easily be solved by symlinking the
fonts you need for a document to a subdirectory. (We could
add an option to dump a list of used font files so you can script
that part.) This way you can determine precisely which files will
be embedded. Conditional font choices like you suggest would only
add another potential source of errors.

Also, if we got rid of the ban on “write18”, we could use
fontconfig instead of the database. It allows you to write rules
for matching fonts against different criteria. (E.g. I have a
personal substitution set that eliminates the ms core fonts from
about every graphical application except when they are embedded
in pdfs.) We shouldn’t reinvent the wheel when there’s lots of
other aspects that could be improved, for instance the logging
mechanism. [1]

Best regards

[1] I’m aware that fontconfig probably won’t be available on
    Windows. But there should be some equivalent functionality
    that other programs use when they “access system fonts”.

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