[lltx] Speeding up otf lua cache file load

LS linuxss at list.ru
Sat Mar 23 14:59:23 CET 2013

 Hi, all,
I think, that compiling  with otf font would be very quick if it would be possible  to create a separate "temp-<font-name>.lua" in a current
directory only with the project used glyphs.
It could be a package f.e. "glyphstoluahash.sty" witch would do all that. Maybe, on the first run it would be slow, while it will pick all these glyphs, but on other runs, if  "temp-<font-name>.lua" exists in a current directory, it would do nothing, but luaotfload would use this local hash file.
How many different glyphs uses articles, probably less than 500 from one font. So it would be a huge improvement.

I see in a otfl-luat-dum.lua that $TEXMFCACHE can be set for the cache look up, but when I set it to:
luatex crates a local empty directories ./luatex-cache/generic. I tried to copy font cache file in local directory and in a created one, but
it still loads cache files from  $TEXMFVAR\luatex-cache\generic\fonts\otf\

So, what do you think about that idea?


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