[lltx] LuaTeX 0.74.0 and oberdiek.luatex.lua

Arno Trautmann Arno.Trautmann at gmx.de
Sun Mar 10 01:01:32 CET 2013

Heiko Oberdiek wrote:
> On 10.03.2013 00:17, Arno Trautmann wrote:
>> First, oberdiek.luatex.lua was not
>> found when placed in the folder I'm working in (./) but only when I
>> replaced it in texlive2012/texmf-dist/scripts/oberdiek/oberdiek.luatex.lua
>> Is that normal behaviour? I thought the file should have been found also
>> in ./ ?
> Yes, I find this behaviour also a little annoying.

Can you explain what's the reason for this? I thought kpse searches for 
needed files first in ./ and then the typical directories. Is this not 
true for .lua files?

>> Now I can load luatex.sty, but get an error with luatexbase:
>> /home/texlive2012/texmf-dist/tex/luatex/luatexbase/luatexbase-loader.sty:89:
>> Lu
>> aTeX error
>> ...2/texmf-dist/tex/luatex/luatexbase/luatexbase.loader.lua:53: atte
>> mpt to index field 'loaders' (a nil value)
>> stack traceback:
>>      ...2/texmf-dist/tex/luatex/luatexbase/luatexbase.loader.lua:53: in
>> main chunk
>>      [C]: in function 'dofile'
>>      [string "\directlua "]:1: in main chunk.
>> l.89   dofile(path)}
>> ?
>> Any idea how to fix this?
> Then also luatexbase-loaders should be fixed for the same reason,
> because "package.loaders" was renamed to "package.searchers".

Is it only renamed? A simple \directlua{package.loaders = 
package.searchers} seems to do something, but I get more errors 
afterwards. So there seems to be some more incompatibility which break 
recent LuaTeX with LuaLaTeX. As Herbert also told me at the DANTE 
meeting, this would mean an unuseable LuaLaTeX in TL2013 as 0.74+ should 
go into TL. Is there a chance that all authors of “important” packages 
will update their critical code? …


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