[lltx] Collision of luatex and luatexbase, esp. on catcode talbes

Takayuki YATO zrbabbler at yahoo.co.jp
Sat May 21 12:02:10 CEST 2011

Hello all,

I fully understand and appreciate the situation
on this package collision explained in lualatex-doc.
But I think it is good to do a quick and tentative fix
to turn this collision to be harmless, before the
planned "true integration" of the two packages.

Judging from my brief review, everything except on
catcode tables seems to be a harmless redundancy.
On the other hand, collision on catcode tables is
really annoying: both packages destroy the preset and
user-defined assignments of each other, which makes
every use of the function totally unreliable.
So I think fixing only this part of the packages is
of great use and that will not be so hard work.

The fact that fontspec loads internally both of the
luatex and luatexbase packages and moreover use
catcode tables makes this issue more problematic.
For example, fontspec will fail if luatexbase is
loaded before it (possibly through another package):

\fontspec{lmsans10-regular.otf} % or whatever font
Very simple test.

Loading luatexbase explicitly changes the load order
of luatexbase and luatex, which makes the luatex package
destroy the functionality of luatexbase which fontspec
relies on.

Best regards,

Takayuki YATO

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