[lltx] [luatex] quietening lualatex console output

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Sun Jan 30 10:22:46 CET 2011

Le 30/01/2011 03:03, Will Robertson a écrit :
> On 30/01/2011, at 11:07 AM, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
>> BTW, the LaTeX help messages are quite laconic because when LaTeX2e
>> was released, RAM wasn't as cheap as today.  But AFAIR the LaTeX team
>> considered to read more detailed help messages from an external file
>> in a future release.  If messages are read from an external file, it's
>> quite easy to provide them in different languages too.
> When we looked at this in expl3, it didn't seem that useful to store all messages on disk like this (since RAM is cheap and you can still logically separate messages into files to \input if you like). However, there is a separation between calling an error/warning and invoking its text, so the idea of multilingual features is still possible.
> (A nice side-feature of this separation is being able to hide/demote errors to warnings and warnings to info messages.)
> If anyone is interested in exploring this idea, bring it up on LaTeX-L for further discussion.
>>> - No banner
>> --interaction=batchmode
> Almost :)
> $ pdflatex --interaction=batchmode test
> This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-1.40.11 (TeX Live 2010)
>   restricted \write18 enabled.
> entering extended mode
> $
> -- Will

With LuaTeX:

luatex --lua=my_script.lua --interaction=batchmode ...

and in the initialization script:

callback.register("start_run", false)

and absolute silence...


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