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I know that there has been a lot of discussion on mkluatexfontdb and OSFONTDIR, and I tried to read through it, but somehow I still don't get it (or maybe it doesn't work). I'm running TL2010 on OSX 10.6.4. From what I understand, LuaLaTeX should by default look in the standard places of the system for fonts and in the personal tree. This works so far. 

Now if I want to add other locations, I have to set the OSFONTDIR variable. So I went and did the following in the terminal: 
export OSFONTDIR="/Users/simi/FontExplorer X"/

The result was: zero. Although "kpsewhich -expand-path='$OSFONTDIR'" gives me the correct path, fonts in this directory will not be found. If I copy the font in my personal tree, it gets found.



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