[lltx] packages list

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Mar 30 05:03:09 CEST 2010


Just to share, here is a copy of my list of packages related to LuaLaTeX, with
condensed notes. For each the format is listed: lua for lua modules, ltx for
LaTeX, gen for generic (Plain or LaTeX), followed by the supported engines (*tex
means all).

Please let me know if anything is wrong or if I overlooked something.

> ifluatex:       provides \ifluatex (gen, *tex)
> ifpdf:          provides \ifpdf (gen, *tex)
> luatexbase:     resource management (gen, luatex)
> luatex:         resource managment (gen, luatex)
>                 luatexbase and luatex are to be merged somehow
> luaextra:       Lua utilities (lua, luatex)
> luatextra:      loads luaextra+luatexbase+luaotfload; goodies (gen, luatex)
> xltxtra:        loads basics & fontspec; goodies & patches (ltx, xetex)
>                 Plan: extend it to luatex, maybe merge luatextra in later.
> luainputenc:    input encoding & compat for fontenc (ltx, luatex)
>                 Plan: add more modes, inc. one without active chars.
> luamplib:       mplip user-level support (gen, luatex)
> luaotfload:     low-level otf management (gen, luatex)
> fontspec:       user-level font management (ltx, xetex, luatex)
> microtype:      microtypography (ltx, pdftex, luatex partially)
>                 Robert working on extending luatex support.
>                 May partially overlap with luaotfload; yet to be decided.
> euenc:          Unicode font encodings (ltx, xetex, luatex)
>                 Includes a stripped down fork of xunicode:  euxunicode.
> xunicode:       convert usual CS like \' to Unicode (?) (ltx, xetex)
>                 Could be used with luatex, but checks for xetex only.
>                 Forked by Khaled to modify the check, is this fork active?
> luacolor:       Colors via attributes (ltx, luatex)
>                 luaotfload handle font color, this one is more general
>                 how do they interact?
> magicnum:       Access constants: group type, etc. (gen, *tex)
>                 LuaTeX is optional but will be used if present.
> pdftexcmds:     Implement pdfTeX primitives in Lua (gen, pdftex, luatex, xetex)
>                 Very partial support under xetex.
> lua_alt-getopt: Option parsing for scripts. (command-line, luatex)
> Coming next?
> lualatex-doc:   Overview of LuaLaTeX packages for user & dev (doc, luatex)
> luafontenc:     Support for old font encodings w/o active chars (ltx, luatex)
> luatex-def:     luatex.def file for graphics (ltx, luatex)


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