[lltx] location of font cache /fontspec and microtype

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Fri Jun 25 11:03:53 CEST 2010

Am Fri, 25 Jun 2010 11:16:29 +0300 schrieb Khaled Hosny:

>>> >> Btw: I had some problems to run the mkluatexfontdb script due to
>>> >> some dubious (chess) fonts in my system font folder: The script run
>>> >> a long time and then failed with a "no memory" message. It worked
>>> >> fine after I removed the fonts. Is there somewhere a config file
>>> >> "ignore_this_bad_fonts_please.cfg"?
>>> > 
>>> > We currently hard code some known problematic fonts, but such a
>>> > blacklisting file is on the todo list.
>>> > 
>>> > What do you thing about a plain text file with file names one per line?
>>> > May be with an optional prefix, "file:" (the default) and "name:".
>>> Yes, that would be perfect.  
>> I've a, more or less, working code now, I just need a name for that
>> blacklist file (and please no weired, hard to remember names).
> Given there were not much suggestions (I should not have talked about
> weired names :), 

Give me a bit time ;-) I have to do some other work too ...

> I went with otfl-blacklist.cnf.

Well I was just about to suggest luaotfload-blacklist ...

> There can be as much copies of this file as kpse can find (we look for
> "tex" format despite of the file extension, so it can exist any where a
> .tex file can) and all found files will be loaded an read.
> I also dropped the prefix idea, though was already implemented, since
> blacklisting fonts by name is not as reliable (we only have access to
> postscript names before fully loading the font, but names users expect
> can differ).

This means that the file name like arial.ttf should be used, right?
Can pathes be used so that only versions in some folders are
excluded? This could be useful e.g. to force lualatex to use a
specific version of a font.

> The parser is rather dump, 

A dump parser is fine. Much easier to manage that one which is to

Ulrike Fischer 

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