[lltx] lualatex and otf feature

M. Niedermair m_g_n at gmx.de
Sun Jun 6 17:18:05 CEST 2010


I define a font with a fd file like this:

\ProvidesFile{eu2fxl.fd}[2010/04/19 v4.6.5b Font defs for Libertine]
\def\eu2fxl at parms{mode=node;script=latn;+ccmp;+locl;+mark;+mkmk;+kern;+liga;+clig;+trep;+tlig}
\expandafter\ifx\csname fxl at scale\endcsname\relax
    \edef\fxl@@scale{s*[\csname fxl at scale\endcsname]}%
\DeclareFontShape{EU2}{fxl}{m}{n}   {<-> \fxl@@scale 
file:fxlr:\eu2fxl at parms}{}
\DeclareFontShape{EU2}{fxl}{m}{it}  {<-> \fxl@@scale 
file:fxlri:\eu2fxl at parms}{}

Is it possible to activate a otf feature like +onum with a macro, such 
as \addfontfeature in xetex?


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