[lltx] luamplib (a nil value)

Arno Trautmann Arno.Trautmann at gmx.de
Tue Dec 28 14:04:14 CET 2010

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:
> [cc-ing the list again]

sorry, I always forget that these days :-/

> Le 28/12/2010 10:29, Arno Trautmann a écrit :
>> Downgrading to latest TeXlive2010 works:
>> This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.60.2-2010071218 (TeX Live 2010) (rev 3736)
> Great.

Thanks to tlcontrib and TeXlive's --reinstall, it's very easy to jump
between new and newest versions :)

>>> I'll see to fix that, but I can't guarantee any timeline. In the meanwhile; I
>>> encourage you to use older versions of the executables, if you can easily switch
>>> versions.
>> Let me know if I can help you (at least some testing), I have a few days
>> left for intense TeXing (and related things) ;)
> I believe the next version fixes the two bugs mentioned in this thread. It is
> temporarily available at <http://tug.org/~mpg/luamplib.tds.zip>. Your testing
> with different versions of LuaTeX would be very much appreciated before I upload
> it to CTAN.

Latest TeXlive and latest tlcontrib versions seem to work, i.e. this:


does not produce an error while the old version still fails (so no
change at another component). I did no further testing as I am just
starting to learn metapost …
But the bugs seem to be fixed, thank you very much for that rapid work –
waiting for the CTAN-release :)


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