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Geoff Odhner geoff.odhner at multiject.com
Mon Jan 24 23:08:58 CET 2022

In latex2e.pdf on p. 138 it tries to define "pt" with what it claims are 
equivalents as follows:

>pt Point, 1/72.27 inch. The conversion to metric units, to two decimal 
>places, is
>1 point = 2.85mm = 28.45 cm.
The problem is that if a point is 1/72.27 inch, then it can't be 2.85 
mm.  It would in fact be 1/2.85 mm, or 0.35146 mm.  It isn't anywhere 
near 28.45 cm, but it is 1/28.45 cm, or 0.035146 cm.  This is what I 
found in the November 2018 version of the manual, so I looked for a 
newer version, and found that as of July 2021 you had at least corrected 
the inconsistency between the mm and the cm to this:
>pt Point, 1/72.27 inch. The conversion to metric units is 1 point = 
>2.845 mm =
>.2845 cm.
but it retains the basically incorrect value for millimeters!  I can't 
find a newer version that has correct, consistent information.  You 
might want to address that.

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