[latexrefman] physical paper vs online

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 15:16:38 CEST 2021


In the same revision as your jobname edits you changed the terms used,
where « paper » was replaced by « physical paper » and PDF by « online
». I know that these terms are commonly used, no debate about this,
however they just surprise me (well, not being an English speaker, I
don't really think that I have my word to say…).
Online communication is also submitted to the laws of physics, in this
resource limitted world we should not make any assumption on what is
less physical. And online just sounds as if you had to be connected to
some network, whereas it is physically possible to read a PDF with a
portable PC running on battery on a desert island.

I would just say « paper document » and « electronic document ». They
sound to me both more clear and more common both in English and in
French where the litteral translation « document papier » and «
document électronique » is widely used.

Any objection to this change ?

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