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Tue Aug 10 11:05:40 CEST 2021

Thank you for the review !

Le lun. 9 août 2021 à 18:42, Hefferon, Jim S. <jhefferon at smcvt.edu> a écrit :
> I added a paragraph on the warning that you get if you use \small, etc., inside math.
> I also reverted the \textrm{d} x for the integral.  I am aware that a standards org said to use that, but I think the other is common practice also and I am following Knuth's practice, p 168.

It was « \mathrm{d} », not « \textrm{d} ». AMS usergide says not to
use \text… for operator names.
I won't argue, it is a matter of taste, I was not aware that the other
way was posible. The amsmath userguide (page 23) also uses a plain d.
Actually for an upright d, amsmath « \operatorname{d} » would be
better. Or something line « \DeclareMathOperator\infvar{d} », and then
« \infvar x » instead of « dx ».
> Jim
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