[latexrefman] versions of some of these commands

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Hope you and your family are well?  The last year was tough, as teaching was very hard for me and took all of my time.

> Some spacing commands are suitable for both regular text and mathematical text; versions of some of these commands are in this chapter.

I don't know.  I *think* it means there are three types of spacing commands (1) math only (2) text only (3 both), but it certainly is an awkward construction.  Perhaps I should change it.

Just in general, I don't see why constructions that are not suitable in other languages have to be translated over.  My personal $0.02 is that if something that is not a technical LaTeX point doesn't suit in French, then let's leave it off.  Of course, you would know better than I.


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Hello Jim,
I am trying to catch up…
I am wondering what does exaclty this sentence means (1st paragraph of
node Spaces) : versions of some of these commands are in this
chapter. What is the word « version » for ? Does it mean that these
same commands have alternative not documented use ? Why not just write
« This chapter documents some of these commands. » ?


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