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Here's what I have for the delimiters and the /big family of commands
(attached). Arrows can be a much bigger topic (no pun, really), I think, as
there are a number of packages that have different sorts of arrows. Do we
want this to be a comprehensive description of arrows or constrained to a

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Standard Delimiters

Name			variety				Type (verbatim)		Typeset
anglebracket	left				\langle				\langle
anglebracket	right				\rangle				\rangle
arrow			double-downward		\Downarrow			\Downarrow
arrow			double-up-and-down	\Updownarrow		\Updownarrow
arrow			double-upward		\Uparrow			\Uparrow
arrow			downward			\downarrow			\downarrow
arrow			up-and-down			\updownarrow		\updownarrow
arrow			upward				\uparrow			\uparrow
brace			left				\{ or \lbrace		\lbrace
brace			right				\} or \rbrace		\rbrace
bracket			left				[ or \lbrack		\lbrack
bracket			right				] or \rbrack		\rbrack
ceiling			left				\lceil				\lceil
ceiling			right				\rceil				\rceil
corner			lower-left			\llcorner			\llcorner
corner			lower-right			\lrcorner			\lrcorner
corner			upper-left			\ulcorner			\ulcorner
corner			upper-right			\urcorner			\urcorner
floor			left				\lfloor				\lfloor
floor			right				\rfloor				\rfloor
parenthesis		left				(					(
parenthesis		right				)					)
slash			back				\backslash			\backslash
slash			forward				/					/
vertical		double-line			\| or \Vert			\Vert
vertical		line				| or \vert			\vert

\big, \Big, \bigg, and \Bigg;
\bigl, \Bigl, \biggl, and \Biggl;  
\bigr, \Bigr, \biggr, and \Biggr

			\big<delimiter character>
Produce a larger size delimiter character that does not stretch.  The commands produce increasingly large characters in the order with \big (bigger than normal), \Big (bigger than \big), \bigg (even bigger), and \Bigg (the biggest of them all).  The \big family commands also provide alterntives for appending 'l' or 'r' to produce larger left and right (open and close) delimiters. The latter alternatives insert no space between a preceding atom and the delimiter while the former ordinary command inserts some space.


Big vertical line:

\[ \int_a^b x^2\;\mathrm{d}x= \tfrac{1}{3} x^3 \Big|_a^b \]

Compare (ordinary):

\[ \sum\big(x+x^2+x^3 + \dots x^n) \]

with (open):

\[ \sum\bigl(x+x^2+x^3 + \dots x^n) \]

The latter case seems to produce a more pleasing typeset form.

Using \biggl and \biggr:
\ddfrac{\sum_{i=1}^\infty \frac{1}{i^2}}{\int_{-\infty}^\infty 
	\frac{1}{\sqrt{2\pi\sigma^2}} \exp\biggl(-\frac{(x-\mu)^2}{2\sigma^2}\biggr)
	\,\mathrm{d}x} &= \frac{\pi^2}{6}	

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