[latexrefman] Looking for feedback on URL scheme for split pages

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Sep 9 00:15:33 CEST 2018

Hi Jim,

    @import url(latex2elocal.css);

Shouldn't there be quotes around that filename?

Minor: maybe the name latexreflocal.css would be better.
I am always scared of being considered "official" latex2e in some way.

    In place of backslash I have "cmd-"

Maybe only the first backslash should be replaced by cmd-, all others
dropped. Seems especially redundant in

    in place of ampersand I have "-and-". I also handle other

Maybe ampersands and parentheses can be completely dropped, 
for simplicity of the result? I doubt they are needed to avoid
ambiguity, though I didn't check.

Maybe "-" to "dash" could also be omitted instead of substituted.

    I have a script 

Can I see please :)?

    that can make include files, and softlinks,

For the version we put on latexref.xyz, I think we should distribute the
files with the original Texinfo names (just in case of xrefs from other
manuals), plus the other stuff to make the nice names.

    make .html files in addition 

What does an ls of the directory of nice names look like?

    - at anchor{Starting & ending}@c old name
    + at c 2018-Sep-02 JH redundant on URL scheme @anchor{Starting & ending}@c old name

It's not redundant for original Texinfo. But ok, I suppose there is
basically zero chance of anyone caring about the old name.

Overall, FWIW, I think it looks good and will be helpful ...


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