[latexrefman] document home page link

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jul 10 00:05:50 CEST 2018

    Its menu points to three pages. The first has a footer while the second
    and third do not.

Agreed. Because of (I assume, unverified) WORDS_PER_PAGE.

But the PRE_BODY_CLOSE text is inserted whether or not the navigation
footer text is present, so that works.

My idea of the [About] link was misguided; turns out that is a useless
verbose "explanation" of the document and there is no evident way to
replace its text, or to get the link in the right place. Hence my email
to bug-texinfo earlier today that I bcc'd you on.

    I tried the variables with names like header and evenheader. 
Gosh, I'd forgotten all about the feature and don't have any idea of
what those variables would actually do (and the manual is no help :).
I'll have to try it. I guess the variable names would be, e.g.,
"headings" or "everyheading" or "everyfooting".  --thanks, karl.

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