[latexrefman] Upload to CTAN

Hefferon, Jim S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Thu Mar 29 17:01:52 CEST 2018

I've uploaded the corrected distribution to CTAN.  I added a file CTAN with a checklist for me for next time.  I deleted the .sh file that I created.  Sorry for the noise; thanks for the help, Karl.


What's the point of jail, if they don't go to it?

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Subject: Re: [latexrefman] Upload to CTAN

I seem to have mucked up the file dates.  Sigh.

I will re-upload.  I would also like to include in the svn but not the CTAN upload a file with notes on doing it correctly.  You guys are working with someone who is just not that bright.

On another note, Vincent,  I think CTAN does not have you listed as an author for the English latexrefman.  Sometimes a person would rather not be mentioned but if it is OK then I'd like to ask them to list you also.

Also, I will include the Spanish files as a subdirectory of the English ones, unless you have other thoughts?



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