[latexrefman] node "(latex2e) thebibliography" and "Tame the beast"

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Oct 10 00:22:10 CEST 2017

    BTW, do you know where the ``official'' bibtex project lies ?

Oren has never set up anything dedicated for it, nor is that likely to
change. I guess I'll see if he objects to my creating a simple
tug.org/bibtex, along the lines of tug.org/xetex, tug.org/tex4ht, etc.

The sources for bibtex, bibtex8, and bibtexu are all maintained in TeX
Live nowadays. bibtex is in Build/source/extra/bibtex (usually the same
as the main source tree), and bibtex8 and bibtexu are in

FYI, bibtexu is Yannis H's hack to make bibtex do UTF-8; I doubt anyone
much is using it.

    Well, I don't know which one is official

Oren's bibtex remains the official bibtex. Nothing has ever superseded
or replaced it (and I imagine nothing ever will). bibtex8 and bibtexu
are independent programs.


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