[latexrefman] casing

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Aug 7 23:46:21 CEST 2017

    I see there a Spanish subdir, but no French.  Surely I should upload a
    French subdir?

No, it already exists as a separate CTAN package and directory:

No need for you to do anything with French. Vincent can upload it in his
own time.

    And ask CTAN to add the tag "documentation in French"?

It's already there:

    And Vincent, I don't see you listed as a maintainer.  I should ask for
    you to be included?


If the Spanish is going to get updated, I think it should be treated
like French, that is, moved to a separate directory + package (symlink
left behind). So far Vincent has resisted uploading the Spanish, though :).

(The original inclusion of the spanish/ subdir of the English is due to
the situation when I started the revival; things have changed.)

    2) Since I'm sending this email, here is the announcement I was going to
    send.  Comments?

Looks good to me. Trivial: Maybe "The French and English ..." could
start a new paragraph.

    3) I can put that in NEWS.  

Yes please.

    Do we want to update NEWS-fr and README-fr

Presumably, and also presumably Vincent will take care of it.
Doesn't matter for the English.

Thanks for all,

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