[latexrefman-discuss] Permission to reproduce

Karl Berry karl at domain.hid
Sat Jan 14 00:53:35 CET 2017

    This is my second attempt at reaching out in as many weeks

Sorry, perhaps I mistakenly deleted your previous message, or some
antispam filter did "for" me. Glad you persevered.

    they're wondering what sort of formal permission they'd need if this
    is indeed their chosen course.

It being free-as-in-freedom documentation, they don't need any
permission as long as they observe the license (which is the liberal
"old GNU documentation" license). At least in my interpretation, that
essentially says that as long as the copyright notices are preserved,
people can do as they like with material.

A similar question was asked recently:

And here is my reply:

I hope you can forward this to the plugin developers or anyone else


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