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Patrick Gundlach patrick at domain.hid
Mon May 9 19:56:55 CEST 2016

Hello Vincent,

I think I was unclear in my (hasty) mail.

Take for example the command "\newcommand" (12. definitions)

@item cmd
Required; @code{\@var{cmd}} is the command name.  For @code{\newcommand}, it
must not be already defined and must not begin with @code{\end}.  For
@code{\renewcommand}, it must already be defined.

@item nargs
Optional; an integer from 0 to 9, specifying the number of arguments
that the command will take.  If this argument is not present, the
default is for the command to have no arguments.  When redefining a
command, the new version can have a different number of arguments than
the old version.

I am unable to take from the texi file that "nargs" is optional. It is written there, but it is not extractable. This is the kind of information I'd like to include in ltxref.org


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