[latexrefman-discuss] ltx-help.el parse of recent latex2e.info

Kevin Ryde user42_kevin at domain.hid
Thu Dec 3 07:49:05 CET 2015

In current ltx-help.el, latex-help-get-cmd-alist doesn't seem to
recognise the index of recent latex2e.info (in debian
texlive-lang-english) but returns an empty list so M-x latex-help has
nothing to go to.

    M-x latex-help
    \begin Tab
    [no match]

I think latex-help-get-cmd-alist is tricked by the index entry for math
mode \: appearing as \::, and then the regexp is a little too tight for
the recent makeinfo "(line 123)" bits (fontified to invisible by
info-mode, but they're there).  I get some joy from a little tightening
and loosening below.

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