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Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at domain.hid
Sun Nov 29 21:10:22 CET 2015

Dear Jim,

Please feel free, whenever you do this adjustments, to mark the French
translation by some comment like

@c TODO adjust this & that like latex2e.tex at date xxxx

That would make it easier for me to catch up...


2015-11-28 13:01 GMT+01:00 Hefferon, James S. <jhefferon at domain.hid>:
> Just as an FYI, I am working through some of latex.texinfo, as listed in the TODO, and so I will probably be making a lot of minor adjustments over time.  For instance, I noticed that doc has \alph{countername} and that seemed to me to be better than the existing \alph so I made the change.
> Hope the sequence of minor adjustments is not too annoying.
> Jim
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