[latexrefman-discuss] \newenvironment (non starred) vs \newenvironment* (starred)

Karl Berry karl at domain.hid
Tue Nov 10 23:12:20 CET 2015

    For instance, should we update \sloppy node to indicate that some people
    consider it a LaTeX taboo ?

Certainly not.  I see nothing wrong with the description of \sloppy as
it stands.

    error is detected earlier in the compilation. 

Sigh.  Sure, but that's not a reason to say that the starred form or
unstarred form is "better".  Each form has its own positives and negatives.

In general: Vincent, please refrain from inserting "taboos" or
"judgements" or "opinions".  If you're not sure, then don't insert it.
Or do insert it if you want; eventually I'll get back to reviewing all
these changes and I'll delete or reword it if I think it necessary.  I
don't have the energy or desire to debate every case with you.


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