[latexrefman-discuss] Updating on CTAN

Karl Berry karl at domain.hid
Sun Oct 25 22:55:59 CET 2015

    You advised me about texi2any; what is the version number that you

Probably using texi2any from the texinfo source tree is needed,
although maybe 6.0 is ok.

"texi2any" and "makeinfo" are synonyms.

    Makefile calls for texi2dvi, etc.  

texi2dvi is a shell script available standalone from ftp.gnu.org.
It essentially runs TeX enough times to resolve xrefs, using the
texinfo.tex macro file (also available from ftp.gnu.org).

texi2pdf is a trivial wrapper that calls texi2dvi --pdf.

    Does texi2any act like those programs?

It's a completely different beast.  In 5.0 and later, it is a big Perl
program whose purpose is to generate the info/html/xml output.  Before
that, it was a C program.  It has nothing to do with generating the DVI
or PDF (barring certain possible options which I highly unrecommend and
are not used in latexrefman as far as I know).

Although it's possible to call texi2any --pdf or --dvi, that's just
sugar.  It execs texi2dvi to do the work.


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