[latexrefman-discuss] minor typo

Johannes Böttcher johannesbottcher at domain.hid
Tue Sep 8 21:56:04 CEST 2015

minor typo:

--- latex2e.texi	2015-07-26 17:40:26.428983059 +0200
+++ diff	2015-09-08 21:46:10.132162335 +0200
@@ -2109,7 +2109,7 @@

  @item h
  (Here)---at the position in the text where the @code{figure} environment
-appears.  However, @code{t} is not allowed by itself; @code{t} is
+appears.  However, @code{h} is not allowed by itself; @code{t} is
  automatically added.

  @cindex here, putting floats


On a different matter (2135):
The standard @code{report} and @code{article} classes use the default 

Same goes for @code{book}.

Line 3171 says the same, but now there are brakets.
placement @code{[tbp]}.

Thanks for looking into this
Johannes Böttcher

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