[latexrefman-commits] [SCM] latexrefman updated: r1027 - trunk

Jim Hefferon INVALID.NOREPLY at gnu.org.ua
Thu Aug 26 16:54:24 CEST 2021

Author: jimhefferon
Date: 2021-08-26 14:54:24 +0000 (Thu, 26 Aug 2021)
New Revision: 1027

adjust \t text to make HTML output not wrong

Modified: trunk/latex2e.html
--- trunk/latex2e.html	2021-08-26 12:17:40 UTC (rev 1026)
+++ trunk/latex2e.html	2021-08-26 14:54:24 UTC (rev 1027)
@@ -21370,8 +21370,9 @@
 <span id="index-_005cnewtie"></span>
 <span id="index-_005ccapitalnewtie"></span>
 <span id="index-tie_002dafter-accent"></span>
-<p>oo[ Tie-after accent.  The <code>\newtie</code> form is centered in
-its box.
+<p>Tie-after accent (used for transliterating from Cyrillic, such as in the
+ALA-LC romanization).  It expects that the argument has two characters.
+The <code>\newtie</code> form is centered in its box.

Modified: trunk/latex2e.info
--- trunk/latex2e.info	2021-08-26 12:17:40 UTC (rev 1026)
+++ trunk/latex2e.info	2021-08-26 14:54:24 UTC (rev 1027)
@@ -14739,7 +14739,9 @@
-     oo͡ Tie-after accent.  The '\newtie' form is centered in its box.
+     Tie-after accent (used for transliterating from Cyrillic, such as
+     in the ALA-LC romanization).  It expects that the argument has two
+     characters.  The '\newtie' form is centered in its box.
@@ -17760,8 +17762,8 @@
 * \cal:                                  Font styles.         (line  78)
 * \cap:                                  Math symbols.        (line 113)
 * \capitalacute:                         Accents.             (line  29)
-* \capitalbreve:                         Accents.             (line  87)
-* \capitalcaron:                         Accents.             (line  91)
+* \capitalbreve:                         Accents.             (line  89)
+* \capitalcaron:                         Accents.             (line  93)
 * \capitalcedilla:                       Accents.             (line  61)
 * \capitalcircumflex:                    Accents.             (line  40)
 * \capitaldieresis:                      Accents.             (line  25)
@@ -18737,7 +18739,7 @@
 * \twocolumn:                            \twocolumn.          (line   6)
 * \typein:                               \typein.             (line   6)
 * \typeout:                              \typeout.            (line   6)
-* \u (breve accent):                     Accents.             (line  87)
+* \u (breve accent):                     Accents.             (line  89)
 * \unboldmath:                           \boldmath & \unboldmath.
                                                               (line   6)
 * \unboldmath <1>:                       \boldmath & \unboldmath.
@@ -18768,7 +18770,7 @@
                                                               (line   6)
 * \UseTextSymbol:                        \UseTextSymbol & \UseTextAccent.
                                                               (line   6)
-* \v (breve accent):                     Accents.             (line  91)
+* \v (breve accent):                     Accents.             (line  93)
 * \value:                                \value.              (line   6)
 * \vanothing:                            Math symbols.        (line 806)
 * \varepsilon:                           Math symbols.        (line 801)
@@ -18994,7 +18996,7 @@
 * breaking lines:                        Line breaking.       (line   6)
 * breaking pages:                        Page breaking.       (line   6)
 * breaks, multiplication discretionary:  \*.                  (line   6)
-* breve accent:                          Accents.             (line  87)
+* breve accent:                          Accents.             (line  89)
 * breve accent, math:                    Math accents.        (line  17)
 * bug reporting:                         About this document. (line  24)
 * bullet lists:                          itemize.             (line   6)
@@ -19006,7 +19008,7 @@
 * cap height:                            Text symbols.        (line 103)
 * caption package:                       \caption.            (line  73)
 * captions:                              \caption.            (line   6)
-* caron accent:                          Accents.             (line  91)
+* caron accent:                          Accents.             (line  93)
 * catcode:                               \makeatletter & \makeatother.
                                                               (line  19)
 * category code, character:              \makeatletter & \makeatother.
@@ -19040,7 +19042,7 @@
                                                               (line   6)
 * characters, reserved:                  Reserved characters. (line   6)
 * characters, special:                   Reserved characters. (line   6)
-* check accent:                          Accents.             (line  91)
+* check accent:                          Accents.             (line  93)
 * check accent, math:                    Math accents.        (line  20)
 * cicero:                                Units of length.     (line  33)
 * circle symbol, big, in text:           Text symbols.        (line  86)
@@ -19469,7 +19471,7 @@
                                                               (line  39)
 * group, and environments:               Environments.        (line  18)
 * group_skip:                            makeindex.           (line  58)
-* hacek accent:                          Accents.             (line  91)
+* hacek accent:                          Accents.             (line  93)
 * Halmos symbol:                         \rule.               (line  13)
 * hard space:                            ~.                   (line   6)
 * hat accent:                            Accents.             (line  40)
@@ -20935,92 +20937,92 @@
 Node: Symbols by font position535013
 Node: Text symbols535692
 Node: Accents540676
-Node: \accent542829
-Node: Additional Latin letters544591
-Ref: Non-English characters544773
-Node: inputenc package545792
-Ref: \inputencoding548008
-Node: \rule548344
-Node: \today549532
-Node: Splitting the input550468
-Node: \endinput552210
-Node: \include & \includeonly553513
-Node: \input557810
-Node: Front/back matter559025
-Node: Table of contents etc.559358
-Node: \@dottedtocline565063
-Node: \addcontentsline566650
-Node: \addtocontents569713
-Node: \contentsline571930
-Node: \nofiles573708
-Node: \numberline574459
-Node: Indexes575623
-Node: Produce the index manually578417
-Node: \index579579
-Node: makeindex584790
-Ref: makeindex preamble586458
-Ref: makeindex postamble586604
-Ref: makeindex group skip586700
-Ref: makeindex letheadflag587040
-Ref: makeindex lethead prefix587501
-Ref: makeindex lethead suffix587653
-Ref: makeindex item 0587801
-Ref: makeindex item 1587881
-Ref: makeindex item 2587956
-Ref: makeindex item 01588034
-Ref: makeindex item x1588139
-Ref: makeindex item 12588344
-Ref: makeindex item x2588452
-Ref: makeindex delim 0588612
-Ref: makeindex delim 1588742
-Ref: makeindex delim 2588872
-Ref: makeindex delim n588998
-Ref: makeindex delim r589133
-Ref: makeindex line max589241
-Ref: makeindex indent space589376
-Ref: makeindex indent length589471
-Ref: makeindex page precedence589656
-Node: \printindex590693
-Node: Glossaries591166
-Node: \newglossaryentry593133
-Node: \gls594600
-Node: Letters595394
-Node: \address599012
-Node: \cc599823
-Node: \closing600265
-Node: \encl600579
-Node: \location600993
-Node: \makelabels601257
-Node: \name603574
-Node: \opening603815
-Node: \ps604096
-Node: \signature604385
-Node: \telephone605613
-Node: Input/output605978
-Node: \openin & \openout606708
-Node: \read609451
-Node: \typein610638
-Node: \typeout611898
-Node: \write612938
-Node: \write and security617665
-Node: \message618609
-Node: \wlog620438
-Node: \write18620939
-Node: Command line interface624430
-Ref: Command line624594
-Node: Command line options626747
-Ref: interaction modes627750
-Ref: output directory628704
-Node: Command line input630403
-Node: Jobname632520
-Node: Recovering from errors635763
-Node: Document templates637191
-Node: beamer template637625
-Node: article template638267
-Node: book template638730
-Node: Larger book template639209
-Node: Index640751
-Ref: Command Index640837
+Node: \accent542961
+Node: Additional Latin letters544723
+Ref: Non-English characters544905
+Node: inputenc package545924
+Ref: \inputencoding548140
+Node: \rule548476
+Node: \today549664
+Node: Splitting the input550600
+Node: \endinput552342
+Node: \include & \includeonly553645
+Node: \input557942
+Node: Front/back matter559157
+Node: Table of contents etc.559490
+Node: \@dottedtocline565195
+Node: \addcontentsline566782
+Node: \addtocontents569845
+Node: \contentsline572062
+Node: \nofiles573840
+Node: \numberline574591
+Node: Indexes575755
+Node: Produce the index manually578549
+Node: \index579711
+Node: makeindex584922
+Ref: makeindex preamble586590
+Ref: makeindex postamble586736
+Ref: makeindex group skip586832
+Ref: makeindex letheadflag587172
+Ref: makeindex lethead prefix587633
+Ref: makeindex lethead suffix587785
+Ref: makeindex item 0587933
+Ref: makeindex item 1588013
+Ref: makeindex item 2588088
+Ref: makeindex item 01588166
+Ref: makeindex item x1588271
+Ref: makeindex item 12588476
+Ref: makeindex item x2588584
+Ref: makeindex delim 0588744
+Ref: makeindex delim 1588874
+Ref: makeindex delim 2589004
+Ref: makeindex delim n589130
+Ref: makeindex delim r589265
+Ref: makeindex line max589373
+Ref: makeindex indent space589508
+Ref: makeindex indent length589603
+Ref: makeindex page precedence589788
+Node: \printindex590825
+Node: Glossaries591298
+Node: \newglossaryentry593265
+Node: \gls594732
+Node: Letters595526
+Node: \address599144
+Node: \cc599955
+Node: \closing600397
+Node: \encl600711
+Node: \location601125
+Node: \makelabels601389
+Node: \name603706
+Node: \opening603947
+Node: \ps604228
+Node: \signature604517
+Node: \telephone605745
+Node: Input/output606110
+Node: \openin & \openout606840
+Node: \read609583
+Node: \typein610770
+Node: \typeout612030
+Node: \write613070
+Node: \write and security617797
+Node: \message618741
+Node: \wlog620570
+Node: \write18621071
+Node: Command line interface624562
+Ref: Command line624726
+Node: Command line options626879
+Ref: interaction modes627882
+Ref: output directory628836
+Node: Command line input630535
+Node: Jobname632652
+Node: Recovering from errors635895
+Node: Document templates637323
+Node: beamer template637757
+Node: article template638399
+Node: book template638862
+Node: Larger book template639341
+Node: Index640883
+Ref: Command Index640969
 End Tag Table

Modified: trunk/latex2e.pdf
(Binary files differ)

Modified: trunk/latex2e.texi
--- trunk/latex2e.texi	2021-08-26 12:17:40 UTC (rev 1026)
+++ trunk/latex2e.texi	2021-08-26 14:54:24 UTC (rev 1027)
@@ -18600,8 +18600,12 @@
 @findex \newtie
 @findex \capitalnewtie
 @cindex tie-after accent
- at tieaccent{oo} Tie-after accent.  The @code{\newtie} form is centered in
-its box.
+ at iftex
+ at tieaccent{oo}
+ at end iftex
+Tie-after accent (used for transliterating from Cyrillic, such as in the
+ALA-LC romanization).  It expects that the argument has two characters.
+The @code{\newtie} form is centered in its box.
 @item \u
 @itemx \capitalbreve

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