[latexrefman-commits] [SCM] latexrefman updated: r932 - trunk

Karl Berry INVALID.NOREPLY at gnu.org.ua
Tue Jul 6 00:00:22 CEST 2021

Author: karl
Date: 2021-07-05 22:00:22 +0000 (Mon, 05 Jul 2021)
New Revision: 932

release procedure updates

Modified: trunk/CTAN
--- trunk/CTAN	2021-07-05 01:08:22 UTC (rev 931)
+++ trunk/CTAN	2021-07-05 22:00:22 UTC (rev 932)
@@ -1,28 +1,36 @@
-Notes on making a distribution for CTAN.
+Notes on making a distribution for CTAN. Public domain.
+Originally written 2018-Mar-29 JH.
-2018-Mar-29 JH (Public domain)  I only do this once a year, and need
-  the prompt.
+- Use ANNOUNCE.tmpl as a template for ANNOUNCE.  For the last several
+announcements, see https://ctan.org/pkg/latex2e-help-texinfo.
+Look through ChangeLog as a prompt for what has happened since the
+previous distribution.
-1) Use ANNOUNCE.tmpl as a template for ANNOUNCE.  Can also look on
-comp.text.tex for previous announcements, to use as a model.  Look
-through ChangeLog as a prompt for what has happened since previous
+- Update NEWS with the info from ANNOUNCE.
-2) Update NEWS with info from ANNOUNCE.
+- Update ChangeLog to say there has been a release, as in:
+"New release, version of Month YYYY, for CTAN."
-3) Also update ChangeLog to say there has been a release.
+- Update latex2e.texi with current UPDATED date and copyright years.
-4) Check that the README is current.
+- Check that the README is current.
-5) Get the english and spanish stuff by running
+- Get the English and Spanish distribution archives by running
     make htmlsplit
     make commitready
     make dist
 CTAN wants a .zip that is in a subdir, so this puts everything in the .zip
 inside latex2e-help-texinfo/ .
+(French is handled as a separate package.)
-6) Commit the svn.
-  svn commit -m"CTAN upload"
+- Commit to svn.
+  svn commit -m"CTAN upload of YYYY-MM-DD"
-7) Upload.  It all goes to CTAN://info/latex2e-help-texinfo.  Make
-sure the version changes to today's date.
+- Upload at https://ctan.org/upload (package update).
+Name of contribution: latex2e-help-texinfo
+Version: update to today's date.
+After CTAN processing, new version will be available at
+https://ctan.org/pkg/latex2e-help-texinfo, and from there to TeX Live, etc.
+- Update https://latexref.xyz web pages: qqq

Property changes on: trunk/CTAN
Added: svn:keywords
## -0,0 +1 ##
+Date Author Id Revision
\ No newline at end of property
Modified: trunk/ChangeLog
--- trunk/ChangeLog	2021-07-05 01:08:22 UTC (rev 931)
+++ trunk/ChangeLog	2021-07-05 22:00:22 UTC (rev 932)
@@ -1,3 +1,9 @@
+2021-07-05  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
+	* CTAN,
+	* Makefile: release procedure update.
+	* TODO: it was empty, so remove.
 2021-07-04  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
 	* latex2e.texi (\@dottedtocline): Tiny tweaks.

Modified: trunk/Makefile
--- trunk/Makefile	2021-07-05 01:08:22 UTC (rev 931)
+++ trunk/Makefile	2021-07-05 22:00:22 UTC (rev 932)
@@ -85,7 +85,8 @@
 	rm -f $(addprefix latex2e*., pdf dvi $(mi_suffixes) $(xref_suffixes))
 dist for CTAN.  Update NEWS before uploading!
 Basic dist target for CTAN, but please see ./README
+# for all the necessary steps.
 txt_files = ChangeLog Makefile NEWS README \
             aspell.en.pws latex2e.css ltx-help.el
@@ -128,10 +129,6 @@
 # TODO: The easy urls generated by src/easyurls.py are not handled by
 # this. When new nodes are added, if not before, we'll have to figure
 # out how that works again.
-# TODO: There used to be a nice intro at the top of the generated
-# document, that is, the first thing people would see at
-# https://latexref.xyz. That also needs to be restore.
 # Get many small .html files.
 htmlsplit: en

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