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Sun May 16 00:41:08 CEST 2021

Author: karl
Date: 2021-05-15 22:41:07 +0000 (Sat, 15 May 2021)
New Revision: 905

separate /dev/ url for general info page

Modified: trunk/ChangeLog
--- trunk/ChangeLog	2021-04-29 21:57:25 UTC (rev 904)
+++ trunk/ChangeLog	2021-05-15 22:41:07 UTC (rev 905)
@@ -1,3 +1,14 @@
+2021-05-15  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
+	* latex2e.texi (About this document): urls were confused, with no
+	no link to the actual dev page with all the output formats.
+	Report from Paul A Norman, 15 May 2021 18:27:10.
+	* Makefile: first draft at minor doc for updating website.
+	* index.html,
+	* README: update for current urls, etc.
 2021-04-29  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
 	* latex2e.texi (Accents): babel supports Unicode engines now.

Modified: trunk/Makefile
--- trunk/Makefile	2021-04-29 21:57:25 UTC (rev 904)
+++ trunk/Makefile	2021-05-15 22:41:07 UTC (rev 905)
@@ -111,7 +111,16 @@
 	rm -rf $(distname)
 	@ls -l $(distzip); unzip -l $(distzip)
-# Get many small .html files
+# To update web site, after basic build is ok,
+# first undo temporary build results:
+#   make svr # revert generated files
+# Then update ChangeLog, etc., and svn commit the source files.
+#   make htmlsplit
+#   make commitready
+# Update ChangeLog, NEWS, etc.
+# Get many small .html files.
 htmlsplit: en
 	rm -rf $(htmlsplit)
 	mkdir $(htmlsplit) && cd $(htmlsplit) && ln -s ../* .	
@@ -141,8 +150,8 @@
 # The first sed expression elides a few @-command lines which cause
 # duplicates; the second expr some text in the middle of lines.
-	sed -e 's/^@\(item\|anchor\|.index\) .*//' \
-	    -e 's/ da da\|{test test}\|[iI][jJ]//g' \
+	sed -e 's/^@\(node\|item\|anchor\|.index\|.*section\) .*//' \
+	    -e 's/ da da\|xxx\|overwrite\|{test test}\|[iI][jJ]//g' \
 	  latex2e.texi | dw
 # Convenience targets to svn revert the generated files,

Modified: trunk/README
--- trunk/README	2021-04-29 21:57:25 UTC (rev 904)
+++ trunk/README	2021-05-15 22:41:07 UTC (rev 905)
@@ -5,20 +5,21 @@
 This project is an attempt to write a reference manual for core LaTeX.
 It is unofficial and the LaTeX Project members have not reviewed it.
-https://puszcza.gnu.org.ua/software/latexrefman/ (the project home page)
-has more information, including links to the current output in various
-formats, sources, mailing lists, and other infrastructure.
 We offer two web versions of the manual.  A version that is split
 into separate web pages for each section or subsection is here.
-  https://latexref.xyz
+  https://latexref.xyz/
 We also have a single-page version. 
+https://latexref.xyz/dev/ has more information, including links to the
+current output in various formats, sources, mailing lists, and other
+infrastructure. The project page for repository access, etc.:
 Help is most definitely wanted.  (Search for "xx" in the source for just
 a few of the known deficiencies.)  Please email any bug reports, new
 material, general discussion, whatever, to latexrefman at tug.org (see
-http://lists.tug.org/latexrefman for archives and subscription via the web).
+https://lists.tug.org/latexrefman for archives and subscription via the web).
 License: the manual is released under the old-style GNU documentation
 license, because that is what the original authors used. (It was the

Modified: trunk/index.html
--- trunk/index.html	2021-04-29 21:57:25 UTC (rev 904)
+++ trunk/index.html	2021-05-15 22:41:07 UTC (rev 905)
@@ -12,7 +12,8 @@
 - <a href="latex2e.dbk">docbook</a>
 - <a href="latex2e.dvi">dvi</a>
-- <a href="latex2e.html">html</a>
+- <a href="latex2e.html">html</a> (one page)
+- <a href="https://latexref.xyz/">html</a> (split)
 - <a href="latex2e.info">info</a>
 - <a href="latex2e.pdf">pdf</a>
 - <a href="latex2e.txt">plain text</a>
@@ -36,15 +37,15 @@
 - <a href="latex2e-fr.txt">plain text/fr</a>
 - <a href="latex2e-fr.texi">latex2e-fr.texi source</a> (fr).
-<li><a href="http://svn.gnu.org.ua/viewvc/latexrefman/trunk/">Subversion
+<li><a href="https://svn.gnu.org.ua/viewvc/latexrefman/trunk/">Subversion
 repository</a> for all source files (<a
-href="/svn/?group=latexrefman">repo info</a>);
+href="https://puszcza.gnu.org.ua/svn/?group=latexrefman">repo info</a>);
 general <a
 <li>The <a href="https://ctan.org/pkg/latex2e-help-texinfo">current
-release, on CTAN</a> (package name on CTAN and in distributions is
+release, on CTAN</a> (the package name on CTAN and in distributions is
 <tt>latex2e-help-texinfo</tt>, for historical reasons).
 <li><a href="mirroring.html">How to mirror</a> the manual.
@@ -59,14 +60,13 @@
 distributions for many years. It originated with George Greenwade, was
 updated for LaTeX 2.09 by Stephen Gilmore, and for LaTeX2e by
 Torsten Martinsen. None of these folks can continue work on the project.
-The current maintainers are Vincent Belaïche, Karl Berry, and Jim
+The current maintainers are Vincent Belaïche and Jim Hefferon.
 <p>The goal is not to replace the major published books about LaTeX; that would
 not be realistic. What is feasible, and what we intend, is to summarize
 the features (commands, environments, options, etc.) of core LaTeX2e.
-This information is reasonably available from the free LaTeX sources and
-documentation, but is not especially easy to access from there.
+This information is available in the free LaTeX sources and
+documentation, but searching out all the pieces is not especially easy.
 <p>This manual is written
 in <a href="https://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/">Texinfo</a>, since
@@ -100,14 +100,14 @@
 <p>Please email contributions or anything else to
 latexrefman at tug.org (<a
-<a href="http://tug.org/pipermail/latexrefman/">archive</a>).
+<a href="https://tug.org/pipermail/latexrefman/">archive</a>).
 Any bug reports, suggestions, or discussion of whatever sort are welcome
 <p>The other mailing list is latexrefman-commits at tug.org (<a
-<a href="http://tug.org/pipermail/latexrefman-commits/">archive</a>).
+<a href="https://tug.org/pipermail/latexrefman-commits/">archive</a>).
 It gets a message for each commit to the Subversion repository (and no
 other traffic).
@@ -122,9 +122,9 @@
-<p>Thanks to <a href="http://puszca.gnu.org.ua">puszcza.gnu.org.ua</a>
+<p>Thanks to <a href="https://puszca.gnu.org.ua">puszcza.gnu.org.ua</a>
 for hosting this <a

Modified: trunk/latex2e.texi
--- trunk/latex2e.texi	2021-04-29 21:57:25 UTC (rev 904)
+++ trunk/latex2e.texi	2021-05-15 22:41:07 UTC (rev 905)
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@
 text was directly copied.)
 Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,
-2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Karl Berry.@*
+2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Karl Berry.@*
 Copyright 1988, 1994, 2007 Stephen Gilmore.@*
 Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996 Torsten Martinsen.
@@ -190,15 +190,11 @@
 preparation system, which is a macro package for the @TeX{}
 typesetting program (@pxref{Overview}).
-This document's home page is @url{@value{LTXREFMAN_HOME_PAGE}}.  There
-you can get the sources, subscribe to the mailing list or read its
-archives, see other infrastructure, and get the current output in
-various formats.  In particular, the output comes in two web formats.
-Probably the most convenient one, shown at @url{https://latexref.xyz/},
-has pages for each topic and so is good for a quick lookup; see also the
-note there about easy-to-remember links.  The other, shown at
- at url{https://latexref.xyz/dev/latex2e.html},
-has all the information on single page.
+This document's home page is @url{@value{LTXREFMAN_HOME_PAGE}}; it has
+separate web pages for each topic.  Alternatively.
+ at url{https://latexref.xyz/dev/latex2e.html} has the entire document on
+a single page.  For other output formats, the sources, and plenty more
+information, see @url{https://latexref.xyz/dev/}.
 @cindex @LaTeX{} vs.@: @LaTeX{}2e
 In this document, we will mostly just use `@LaTeX{}' rather than
@@ -208,19 +204,19 @@
 @cindex unofficial nature of this manual
 @cindex @LaTeX{} Project team
 @findex @email{@value{LTXREFMAN_BUGS}} @r{email address}
- at LaTeX{} is maintained by a small group of volunteers
+ at LaTeX{} is maintained by a group of volunteers
 (@url{https://latex-project.org}).  The official documentation written
 by the @LaTeX{} project is available from their web site.  The present
-document is completely unofficial and has not been reviewed by the
- at LaTeX{} maintainers.
+document is completely unofficial and has not been written or reviewed
+by the @LaTeX{} maintainers.
 @cindex bug reporting
 @cindex reporting bugs
 Do not send bug reports or anything else about this document to them.
 Instead, please send all comments to @email{@value{LTXREFMAN_BUGS}}.
-This document is a reference.  There is a vast array of other
-information about @LaTeX{}, at all levels.  Here are a few
+This document is a reference, not a tutorial.  There is a vast array
+of other information available about @LaTeX{}, at all levels.  Here
+are a few introductions.
 @table @url
 @item https://ctan.org/pkg/latex-doc-ptr
@@ -231,19 +227,9 @@
 @findex first-latex-doc @r{document}
 Writing your first document, with a bit of both text and math.
- at item https://ctan.org/pkg/first-packages
- at findex first-packages @r{document}
-Recommendations for @LaTeX{} packages for basic needs.
- at item https://ctan.org/pkg/usrguide
- at findex usrguide @r{official documentation}
-The guide for document authors that is maintained as part of @LaTeX{}.
-Many other guides by many other people are also available, independent
-of @LaTeX{} itself; one such is the next item:
 @item https://ctan.org/pkg/lshort
 @findex lshort @r{document}
-A short introduction to @LaTeX{}, translated to many languages.
+A longer introduction to @LaTeX{}, translated to many languages.
 @item https://tug.org/begin.html
 Introduction to the @TeX{} system, including @LaTeX{}, with further
@@ -5438,9 +5424,9 @@
 @anchor{itemize labelitemiv}
 The @code{itemize} environment uses the commands @code{\labelitemi}
 through @code{\labelitemiv} to produce the default label (note the
-the convention of lowercase roman numerals at the end of the command
-names that signify the nesting level).  These are the default marks at
-each level.
+convention of lowercase roman numerals at the end of the command names
+that signify the nesting level).  These are the default marks at each
 @item @bullet{} (bullet, from @code{\textbullet})
@@ -10495,7 +10481,7 @@
 Lengths come in two types.  A @dfn{rigid length} such as @code{10pt}
 does not contain a @code{plus} or @code{minus} component.  (Plain
 @TeX{} calls this a @dfn{dimen}.)  A @dfn{rubber length} (what plain
- at TeX{} calls a @dfn{skip} or @dfn{glue}) such as as with @code{1cm
+ at TeX{} calls a @dfn{skip} or @dfn{glue}) such as with @code{1cm
 plus0.05cm minus0.01cm} can contain either or both of those
 components.  In that rubber length, the @code{1cm} is the @dfn{natural
 length} while the other two, the @code{plus} and @code{minus}
@@ -17858,7 +17844,7 @@
 encoding where accented glyphs are absent).
 There can be an optional font change between @var{number} and
- at var{character}.  Note also that that this command sets the
+ at var{character}.  Note also that this command sets the
 @code{\spacefactor} to 1000 (@pxref{\spacefactor}).
 An unavoidable characteristic of some Cyrillic letters and

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