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vincent.b.1 at domain.hid vincent.b.1 at domain.hid
Sun Aug 23 23:57:01 CEST 2015

Author: vincentb1
Date: Sun Aug 23 23:57:01 2015
New Revision: 415

URL: http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/latexrefman?rev=415&view=rev
* latex2e-fr.texi (file preamble): Add comment about glossary
resources useful for French translation
(file preamble) improve wording.
(Layout): add Float menu entry, as per Jim Hefferson's 2015-08-22 and 2015-08-21 changes.
(Floats, figure, table) Translate Jim Hefferson's 2015-08-22 and
2015-08-21 changes to French.
(\centering): typo
(flushleft, \raggedright): Improve wording.
(flushright, \raggedleft): Translate these nodes.
(quotation, Making paragraphs): ligne blanche->ligne à blanc

* latex2e.texi (Floats): typo insert comma.
(Floats): figure->float
(Floats): make "float page" a concept index entry, and @dfn{...} it.
(Floats): restrict the word "specifier" to one letter element of
parameter, use word "argument" for the full string of specifiers.
(Floats): typo acceptible->acceptable
(figure): text->title, improve @var name
(flushright): string->control sequence
(table): make title a @var, and add missing optional loftitle argument.


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