[latex3-commits] [latex3/latex2e] main's head updated: Merge branch 'develop' into main (4b10b8b2)

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Thu Jun 8 16:00:23 CEST 2023

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'main' now includes:

    2066584d Merge branch 'main' into develop
    5f7b79c9 Step pre-release tag
    a98f5304 Rollback test shows up pre-release version
    aa8310cd Update expl3 to 2022-11-02
    4abc0607 ltnews36 changes suggested by kb
    e0ea39d5 Avoid deprecated GitHub Actions features
    564fa716 change historical reference
    4214c9ee more text changes (gh/951)
    4556b725 Gh943 (#946)
    7b9ca703 first aid fix for #820 (#947)
    fd095499 Gh944 (#950)
    e1b7641c Gh920 (#952)
    3c6201d9 Gh953 doc: remove verb definitions no longer necessary (#954)
    737ccf66 fix typo
    1f06c5ef Gh917+958 add nowarn option to filecontents (#959)
    7dab30fd Gh955 fix broken rollback (#957)
    ac5dd708 add missing dependency
    213d8cad Fix cache workflow caching tag
    01e9ff89 Simplify caching in GH Actions workflows
    1f8b12fe Gh963 copy and show envs (#964)
    8f886d40 Gh962 et al dev (#968)
    1336fcf7 Firstaid songs (#969)
    553ae9f5 Merge branch 'hotfix/babel/gh189' into develop
    78484db7 Step pre-release tag
    c477aa45 Add (basic) test for (u)pTeX format building
    e8d6623f Revert "Add (basic) test for (u)pTeX format building"
    d38206d7 Initial proposal for math capture
    e03107f1 Formatting
    86953fef Leave \text alone
    8ca1e3b8 Suppress math grabbing for tabular env.
    363e6161 Allow for nesting \[/\] in envs
    e2d2752f Update a comment
    31dd285b Simplify and combine booleans
    c9df91f1 Trim spaces from math mode content
    b8a822c5 Suppress \relax from \ensuremath
    1fd17c36 Typeset all latex-lab-....dtx files
    74949bb9 Rename "everymath" to "mathcapture"
    54069eb2 Cover eqnarray
    0f4101bc Add 'with_args' versions
    a6e8c096 \@@~#2 is \long, so not equal to \c_empty_tl
    a1ed479f Avoid errors due to undefined parameter text
    f8ebe44f Leave 'old' internals alone
    0f171f19 Ue only one bool for all collection tracking
    87a670dc Update file date
    226626f0 Fix showing the contents of a hook
    ef961c84 Fix toplevel, next, and adding to hooks
    e2c1d2f3 Add missing interfaces
    2d3ced3e That's what happens when you use internals
    076b4174 Add tests
    0531c927 Update l3kernel and l3packages to 2022-12-17
    d2309bb8 expl3 version shows in gh0944
    0c218fe9 Firstaid crop (#971)
    3a5cd1d8 Adapt new or (#948)
    4b82c5fa Remove unused local variable
    ab2a8064 fix for 975
    b15508a9 starting a second test file contains broken material
    60eacd79 more broken tests
    b2861e3a 04 and 05 break differently in luatex
    a2f0d3ea don't expand result (still some failures)
    eb71b606 Avoid expansion of captured math
    5ee63330 Include all .log info
    8418c323 Use kernel hook for delayed loading
    c6246bb4 Delay redefining \measure@
    6d7e94d3 further tests
    a313b7d2 Merge commit 'c6246bb4329de59834570610250ca81c731ad86f' into everymath
    2808a0dc moved all tests to their own dir (so that we can load external packages) added a few more tests
    5fe0f689 upps forgot the config
    c21e9ccd Suppress capture for \m at th
    be77e849 Process content of gather, etc.
    5e798852 Better target for gather hook
    22230b1b Don't need to hook into aligned/gathered
    c2b15a31 no longer a problem
    9fb4ed83 Merge commit '22230b1ba7ab6f16f3b99fde9550bcb02ad8c706' into everymath
    92d4d680 now only 02 05 and 07 have problems
    d03d3307 08 also has problems: labels not resolved? and multline dying
    8caa41be Support multline
    7c6bbb0c Properly test cross-refs
    648cf796 more tests
    76b0d6c3 09 has problems (strange extra captures)
    b39b0b8e some text changes
    23a4cb54 test -010 and -011 have problems
    660f6b1b test -012 has issues
    618db5d5 Collect all amsmath redefs in one place
    dead7cda Add \RegisterMathEnviornment/\math_register_env:n
    5ba248d2 Set up amsmath programmatically
    e055d2b2 Extend math processing to receive env. name
    15d4065f Suppress some \mathchoice noise
    bad1e48e Suppress capture of $\m at th...$
    3f2b2b22 minor cleanup to mark remaining issues
    f234c9d9 two issues with -013 (tagpdf + RegisterEnv)
    6ae2677a test -014 has extra captures (abraces)
    a61603c6 change $ -> math
    70782294 add config file to build; change 2022-23
    9ec7dc60 add math adaption files
    e8d3f484 test: use grab text in alt
    024c5647 provide \DocumentMetadata{testphase={phase-II,math}} add latex-lab-math.ltx holding math redefinitions update tests
    623d4917 Merge commit 'e8d3f4845107480a3a2293c34158c0317bd9628b' into everymath
    8390c6c7 combine Ulrike's and my implementations
    48b1c9b6 testing needs more packages
    7cbf49c5 empheq is part of mathtools :-(
    1929b8c7 and a few more ...
    271cfc13 and more ...
    f8d5cd30 and yet another one, sigh
    1df9f0c2 mumble
    e349e049 attempting breqn
    9c3ff8b5 move wrapper files to testphase.dtx
    4865e7a7 Mark up some functions
    44e71eb0 Suppress capture of second pass over split
    3da84eac Target each amsmath env. separately
    0281a43b "$" matching
    1bd25acc Correct a comment
    9c7fc26a Add missing "\end{macro}" lines
    95b72a3a Prevent math grabbing inside \m at th
    0ae1cbee Load amsmath before cases if necessary
    70d0fbe6 Drop a redundant line
    e91d6766 updates to the *.err files
    1233b8be Possible mechanism for handling env. args.
    a210701c Add missing "\end{macro}"
    a2adfea5 Drop a comment
    bbabcbac Install pdfcolfoot (#983)
    e5511af6 Update l3backend, l3kernel and xparse to 2023-01-16
    ad688cdd Drop registration of "smallmatrix"
    56eca594 Correct signature in docs
    327f56ed Adjust where "cases" is loaded
    fe157c42 Install pdfcolfoot (#983)
    b5ed870b Switch to PDF-based setup for pdfTeX and LuaTeX (#985)
    8124ca3f Check for $...$ with empty content
    bbba7723 Detect \m at th for all grabbed math
    06728dee Extend supported amsmath env list
    1b7ad63b Correct list of "x"-aligns
    05a2abd1 Add change notice to document the removal of an unused local variable
    35ba0495 Merge branch 'mathcapture' into develop
    cfb45e5b mathcapture: Remove stray brace
    5eaba4c3 Experiment with configuration split
    aea93573 More splitting
    3eb25929 Fix github-0052 for Unicode engines
    6e89163b HACK: Workaround for missing mktextfm
    a5f06531 Merge branch 'gh-actions-split-config' into develop
    16ab617e register math environment for capture
    f20706f5 Add full release date to ltnews (#984)
    b84d7319 draft documentation for #982 in ltnews
    b948e207 ltnews37 updates
    3c0c2b90 Update to lualibs v2.75/luaotfload v3.23 and add lua-uni-algos v0.4
    2f26ec17 Update tagpdf to v0.98a
    2bd5c4f5 Update tagged mathcapture tests
    77e6c824 Update l3kernel to 2022-01-24
    becf25fe Store grabbed math tokens
    ea20faff Fix typo, add missing "be" in license footnotes (#986)
    096d5732 Avoid duplicating pdftex.map loading
    5a1215df Update l3kernel and xparse to 2023-02-01
    78197231 Drop xparse for texmf
    4862412c Revert "Drop xparse for texmf"
    cc4aeea6 Working version... so far
    f7e3ae7f Standardise a name
    3fb5d7d6 Remove unused auxiliaries
    6320ba7a Update l3kernel to 2023-02-02
    286f2082 update the code for footnote tagging in latex-lab (#993)
    decf7579 Rollback
    a40e412a Variant needed when rolling back
    8cd16605 Correct argument expansion
    d667d018 Correct one-time hooks with arguments
    143bf47a Tidy up test file
    190d7ddb Update l3kernel to 2023-02-07
    21e6961f Update github-0944
    0c6da0e4 Use GH Actions context `github.ref_name`
    acd4f132 Merge pull request #996 from muzimuzhi/ci-use-refname
    1b03790a work on #989 (WIP)
    236caa98 rename test file
    1916f615 fix issue and more docu
    73e2d840 fix rollback
    d2646b63 geistige Umnachtung
    2f6c3245 Typos and minor fixes
    96b585b2 Merge pull request #978 from Josef-Friedrich/develop
    14785174 update tlg for #978
    92e5defd Update l3kernel to 2023-02-22
    f48a871e One-time-hooks after used don't take arguments
    2b5bc572 Remove Lua callback line numbers (track l3build change)
    8878b0f3 testfile for issue #1002
    58d19de3 remove lipsum dependency for #1002
    ceb2dfd2 Latex lab toc sec (#999)
    e8149d29 Gh1002 (#1007)
    945edf64 Make GH Actions less reliant on TL mirror availability
    81f6154c update frozen lipsum
    aa89b361 Revert "update frozen lipsum"
    22d1bda4 Define a boolean instead of passing one as argument
    c50f426f Allow arguments to a hook that is not yet declared
    d12467d6 Define the parameter token list for all hooks
    4bf89c71 Only error if replacing args
    3dc6ef61 Simplify
    81714df5 _next typeout workaround no longer necessary
    d2263be0 Remove unnecessary macro
    febc65d5 Simplify
    b7e84cc4 Correctly clear next code after usage
    018759a1 Revert "_next typeout workaround no longer necessary"
    513a16a6 integrate block env tagging (#1011)
    a24d1ef3 Generic hooks can't have arguments
    ca72f035 Guarantee only the required parameters are passed
    291a3f08 Data type changes
    d8e7d5fb Final fix
    869e449d Math tagging experiments fmi1 (#1012)
    72284241 Step copyright
    a1fbfd80 Step pre-release tag
    543a5a06 Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2023-03-09
    ae0524c1 Revert "Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2023-03-09"
    4a5526b5 Revert "Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2023-03-09"
    839b5487 Update pdfmanagement to v0.95x
    69fc5aaa Revert "Update pdfmanagement to v0.95x"
    e557bdec New Actions setup
    b825d251 Split required into modules
    f11a5792 Properly set replacing_args when updating hook code
    79e7faaa ... but only when doing \@@_initialize_all:
    8e945b2d Fix \@@_if_execute_immediately:nTF for undeclared one-time hooks
    aed73301 Split configurations of latex-lab
    a0c7e9bf Add missing dependency
    ee732547 Add 'with_args' versions
    a9dac831 \@@~#2 is \long, so not equal to \c_empty_tl
    7ec9f162 Avoid errors due to undefined parameter text
    4bbb9054 Fix showing the contents of a hook
    84a80d79 Fix toplevel, next, and adding to hooks
    f7a8478d Add missing interfaces
    381a1eae That's what happens when you use internals
    bf83ac56 Add tests
    dbcf840c Working version... so far
    bbbfbf16 Standardise a name
    286c6c8b Remove unused auxiliaries
    5987b71b Rollback
    f1bc903c Variant needed when rolling back
    d9fe5e14 Correct argument expansion
    005d72e7 Correct one-time hooks with arguments
    0de56d73 Tidy up test file
    6ca42955 One-time-hooks after used don't take arguments
    fe39aca9 Define a boolean instead of passing one as argument
    0321e093 Allow arguments to a hook that is not yet declared
    bbe83a89 Define the parameter token list for all hooks
    eb3f537f Only error if replacing args
    2e81a2b7 Simplify
    82d18523 _next typeout workaround no longer necessary
    ea431341 Remove unnecessary macro
    33864fbc Simplify
    b7ab9e4b Correctly clear next code after usage
    0c5ff362 Revert "_next typeout workaround no longer necessary"
    c10c562b Generic hooks can't have arguments
    810b5970 Guarantee only the required parameters are passed
    42808491 Data type changes
    f8373d15 Final fix
    cdc0ec4c Properly set replacing_args when updating hook code
    288847b4 ... but only when doing \@@_initialize_all:
    913af0e2 Fix \@@_if_execute_immediately:nTF for undeclared one-time hooks
    a978dcb0 Fix and update rollback tests
    1210396f Un-double hashes when showing the hook
    632aac9f Unused variant
    5d5adcc0 Merge branch 'hook-args' of github.com:latex3/latex2e into hook-args
    bda57535 remove trace pkg
    e72f1c5b Add missing macrocode envs
    7cb1037a Distinguish protected ltcmds with only m-type args
    76976fd2 Add rollback to 7cb1037
    1fac16cb theorem-like first version
    28df1c88 explain what the internal .md files are all about
    7113dee0 further work on theorem-like
    1ed3c4bf Merge pull request #1013 from muzimuzhi/non-exp-marg
    9f612d5e some code cleanup
    fd941730 Merge branch 'develop' into block-tagging
    5bf01620 Experiment with splitting the base docs in GH Actions
    e8ca4d1f correct handling of standalone
    74e3f067 correct one further test
    5a0a0666 start with LM tagging
    5ba69f21 Add manual trigger to test with TL pretest
    73a1ea49 add test files and notes for Lamport 2.1, 3.1/2, and 3.3  (last two still largely empty)
    f1f8fb27 Merge branch 'develop' into block-tagging
    2f9ece5e Regen data structure after rollback
    a4afd870 Correct rollback dates and tags
    fd81bdd0 Code from 2f9ece5 can't be executed twice
    e4c99628 Add a test for rollback before hook-args
    2f549029 more tests up to 3.4 (some files need further tests and checking of the results).
    090edc64 Merge branch 'develop' into hook-args
    ec9c6a2b Add new tests to update scripts
    b7a861dc nom nom
    ad77907a Correct hash doubling for code added before declaration
    65af48d2 More concise error help
    b23b5e64 Simplify and one more test
    a528c27c Generic hooks don't take arguments
    5cbdc206 Document document-level functions
    dc0e1f73 Document l3 programming layer functions
    3624124b Some documentation
    afdd79e1 One more test
    b6bfa86f Grammar
    bff21161 Standardise more copyright lines in base
    9ac1f168 More documentation
    c6692b66 lots of test changes due to TL23
    cfa3e1b8 more TL23
    ecf19e5a Gh1022 (#1023)
    52c33409 Move code around and code documentation
    94b4defa Missing \end{macro}
    4a4c6d5f Skip redundant test
    836e17bf Simplify
    ec76015b Simplify more
    440d1de7 More docs
    d5269037 More docs
    93b170c7 Optimise a bit
    826aa7ad \textvisiblespace
    5b7f806e Remove old comment
    b96b2192 More documentation
    676cc659 Unused code
    170f4946 docs: adjust pagination for fntguide
    baa39dc6 test for #1021
    6847920c groups for issue #1021
    b259bb19 spurious v deleted
    5be61341 MakeLowercase{C}
    dd0de6a3 space
    4f5917d8 spell out full command names in change log
    426a3495 Less code duplication
    cd672087 No longer necessary
    4aded31a Predicate version unused
    d3ff507b Mark internal functions
    34ebe4ba Minor doc tweaks
    4d5abeee Sync rollback code
    17ab93ac Merge pull request #1026 from latex3/gh1021
    8a92c373 Gh981 (#1025)
    ca802859 Correct a GH issue link
    ccaeade0 fix an invalid link to github issue
    75ba19e7 Add \IfFileAtLeastTF (fixes #1015)
    ca3af4e7 Add ltnews entry
    344791bb update pdfmanagement + testfiles
    ea04f673 forgot luatex tests
    2a80c8e4 revert block testfile
    3c023d31 Print number of arguments in \@@_log:nN
    6ca55183 Code aesthetics
    a7d8cfc0 Simplify logic
    bf7bfe04 Correct logging next code
    92a5bd17 Add note
    cd2b5fb4 Add tests for \ShowHook
    33ad404f copy-paste woes
    c0a09088 Correct behaviour of reversed and pair declarations
    13cedaaf Update l3kernel to 2023-03-30
    f8042dd4 Only normalise if the cs is defined
    9c8c24ba Return true for an undefined cs too
    719e158f Gh698 (#1029)
    abcbd365 reset frozen mathversion for #1028
    79bd6139 commit engine specific tlg
    120fe1d8 macrocode
    5faa1b3d documentation
    178b49da Merge pull request #1030 from latex3/gh1028
    7a63ead3 documentation fix for #1031
    159cf185 add \long for #942
    815788fe add \long for #942
    e741799a avoid error interaction
    9af5da22 Revert "Only normalise if the cs is defined"
    abc0a3f3 Only normalise if the cs is defined
    5b96a1b8 Update hook code after declaring it
    45622675 Include a test
    1324098f Update version and date strings
    5cd8b6c5 Add \changes to the source
    ea659714 Add changes.txt entry
    9076c344 update pdfmanagement + testfiles
    4c769813 forgot luatex tests
    0da0463e revert block testfile
    c112dd8a Merge branch 'develop' into hook-args
    69038b8f make footnote and footnote text long
    634ee467 update changes.txt
    ae2dfcf8 Rename clsguide to clsguide-historic
    2c256b27 New stub clsguide
    3cdd6df7 Add introduction
    d6925118 Add section 'writing'
    bf5c71e2 Add section 'style'
    ac1325b6 Add section 'structure'
    55432367 Add section 'commands'
    85b3ce02 Add details of \DeclareRobustCommand, etc.
    157fc64b Add section 'misc'
    b9d9a913 Avoid an overfull line
    e21ea27b Update changes.txt and file date
    761cdd3f Prevent a stray line
    2314788b Clarify  section title
    0acd6951 Zap a stray line
    fb9a43b7 Document keyval option handling
    974fe9d9 Add usrguide/clsguide update to LaTeX News
    d5ff09ac Typos
    e5ae46b1 Re-work Frank's text
    e72646ef Retain a line
    7a923b1f Try a different section title
    42622e88 Keep Frank and Chris happy
    99600b8d Retain most of 'policy' part
    b1438853 Retain most of 'minimal' part
    c0129aac Changes as suggested by Frank
    3a04b8a1 Changes as suggested by David
    3171f8b5 Update ltnews37.tex
    d93b8c3b Typo
    d4e96345 Word important is order
    31fc8e5f Test file showing wrong behaviour
    95c31d03 Set endlinechar earlier in v-type argument parser
    a0d53b26 Update test file
    ece1e594 Documentation, step file version and \changes
    3f0bdd24 Add changes.txt entry
    45c1f352 Add ltnews37 entry
    325acd6e Use primitive name
    f437eea4 Merge pull request #1038 from latex3/early-endlinechar
    d92c54e4 Normalise labeled hook code
    ea0b965a Separate functions for reuse later
    de68f1fc Cleanup when adding new code to a declared hook
    511825dc Update tests
    ae4e1f74 * base/doc/clsguide.tex: Fix typos.  Delete whitespace.
    31eead11 Update rollback tests
    6cd90f83 Replace \hook_use:nw by \hook_use:nnw
    b7005453 Update tests
    ef5c072a Update latexrelease tests
    da33b031 Merge branch 'develop' into hook-args
    1252c59e Missed test update
    df0f4152 Missing macrocode
    82a2e3f7 missing substitution for #1037
    6cea3dc6 it is 2023
    fc46de73 Merge pull request #1042 from latex3/gh1037
    314be49e Test file showing the wrong behaviour
    9c14977f In latexrelease, define \load at onefilewithoptions
    21474292 Update test file
    38914ebf Bookkeeping
    4b40860e Update test file
    3edbe5dc Merge branch 'develop' into gh942
    2f588fec Merge pull request #1032 from latex3/gh942
    f800c8f2 adjust extrafloats for issue #1041
    e11ee20b update tlg for over-sensitive test
    bc373e81 Merge pull request #1044 from latex3/gh1041
    00efc950 Merge branch 'develop' into gh992
    e62949bf Merge pull request #1043 from latex3/gh992
    2ab22cfa Update docs
    9cefa442 Merge branch 'develop' into hook-args
    98330180 Update docs
    11b9dde5 Merge pull request #1020 from latex3/hook-args
    793a5155 \@@_replacing_args_unset: -> reset
    a5b1e05a \@@_replacing_args_false: in \@@_include_legacy_code_chunk:n
    0fe0a881 Add test for a5b1e05
    cd3bfc38 Bookkeeping
    c29efdde Add rollback for a5b1e05
    4f7f5be1 Merge pull request #1049 from latex3/misused-replacing-args
    0b358df2 Make GitHub aware of special tex extensions
    f3adc81c Test file showing wrong behaviour
    d83a8cf0 Initialise structure when adding 'next' code
    4c030ba3 Simpler/faster \hook_if_empty:n
    7c87f360 \changes, changes.txt, and file version
    69aab86e Add ltnews37 entry
    a03c0a84 Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2023-04-19
    21a03a67 Hook updates
    897fbe78 test if pdfglyphtounicode is defined to fix xetex compilation
    63fe050e Merge pull request #1053 from latex3/gh1052
    654e1f3b Add \BCPdata and adapt \Make<thing>case (#1035)
    c8765916 Add \DeclareUppercaseMapping, etc.
    58390c1a Extend docs
    e11f249c Correct markup in ltnews
    0d2cbc54 Update l3kernel to 2023-04-20
    a348f1ba Update github-0944
    b8fdd088 Merge branch 'develop' into gh1033
    3eb84925 Add an example for locale-dependent case customisation
    f2d1710f Use 'cmd' instead of 'function'
    f07c836a Update l3kernel to 2023-05-05
    86d67598 Update github-0944
    4281cd2c slightly change math env actual text
    12ca79f9 working on ltnews37 (WIP)
    2b644de8 Update l3kernel to 2023-05-11
    145c0d37 Update to \file_full_name:n
    430dad02 tlc3 errata
    ff94de63 Update base/doc/usrguide.tex
    10045061 Update base/doc/ltnews37.tex
    bcbcfed8 Update base/doc/ltnews37.tex
    e0e50361 Merge pull request #1054 from latex3/gh1033
    9b53146a Merge pull request #1058 from dr-scsi/usrguide2
    d4c4b8f1 make \footnote long in not integrated code
    dfe15a8a updates for #1059
    4868c6e2 adjust amsmath
    1c9b7581 hmmm
    cb79452f improve doc after PR review
    e41f4afb errata updates
    1ecaf82a Update l3kernel to 2023-05-15
    17eb39c1 Update filehook-005
    d388174a Update github-0414
    8cfbb448 Update github-0776(b)
    ff02823e ready for now
    649feeef Merge branch 'tlc3.err' into develop
    90d53de4 additional . for #1008
    111512fd update tlg
    b6335024 spurious a deleted
    b5e908dc fixes for tagpdf 74 and 79 (#1064)
    c620e1ac extend label to five data and add hook (#956)
    d1b701fa Detail brace handling by \SplitList
    8815c607 Detail creating commands at start of tabular cells
    765d32f4 Add missing "expandable"
    f9aa01a7 Fix a typo
    4e4b8085 Documentation Refinement (#1050)
    3a9c0e2a doc date updates
    2e22d728 Use expl3 file-exists test (#1063)
    3e901fa4 Small updates and fixes
    ab880a20 Remove unused code
    78694f46 Add arguments to generic cmd hooks
    bdfb6bec Update test files
    8ecbb264 Apparently unnecessary
    7d8414ab Don't show argument count when unknown
    cffa1da8 If in the preamble, declare cmd hooks with 9 args
    3237122d Ensure \NewHook is obeyed wrt number of arguments
    1d7581d0 One more logging tweak
    f1a9bfc2 Use \@@_gput_... instead of \hook_gput_... internally
    4a0b863f Update tests
    97fe7252 Use 9 arguments for next and toplevel code
    9e2b3f73 Add tests for cmd hooks with args
    ee70da3b Missing \end{macro}
    1a3121a4 Typo
    811e1895 Declare all cmd hooks with 9 args
    8e40d7e2 More logging tweaks
    56ee6ed8 Update test files
    ba45c02a More tests
    0531889d More tests
    b4de0f6b Add rollback for cmd-args
    9cce659a Detail interaction of trailing optional args. and \inputlineno
    c1fc1c23 add forgotten group in label (#1067)
    b5c9cea8 Add documentation
    1192fb7e Add ltnews37 entry
    e5a9fbbf Add changes.txt entry
    edf83324 Step file version
    b107f6bd Typos and note on timing
    1cfee1cd Correct a date
    016da599 Ensure url pkg is loaded in usrguide
    691ec31f Update l3kernel to 2023-05-22
    ce58606c \calulateheight -> \calculateheight (#1070)
    ade65f53 date update for #1070
    0364db97 Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/latex3/latex2e into develop
    8af1cd53 remove firstaid for gh 591, unneeded and breaks fix for gh 989
    659b4e9e update date
    751111b8 Additional tagging support in latex-lab (#1069)
    cc95e14a fix fntguide typos (#1071)
    6c8b13f4 Merge branch 'develop' into cmd-args
    c962eb03 Merge pull request #1068 from latex3/cmd-args
    e66d8f38 Fix typos in ltnews
    5a3038ca Step copyright
    1f171b24 Step pre-release tag
    3ab16f4c Generate simpler variant for \cs_generate_from_arg_count:NNnn
    eaaa2e4f update date
    5f7c96de update version, add change entries
    cd862e7f minor updates to tlc3.err
    dd3e572e minor editorial updates to ltnews37 by bb
    a7187bb5 update some documentation around "samepage"; it is still (reluctantly) supported after all [ci skip]
    e7b692b2 a few more updates to ltnews37 (as suggested by kb); 2 errata entries for tlc3
    b30381ef error on I-619
    06733240 Fix implementation of \DeclareLowercaseMapping
    31c437dd Correct syntax of opt. arg. for \DeclareLowercaseMapping, etc.
    5ef0799f Avoid token-by-token processing when possible
    f9393218 Update l3kernel to 2023-06-05
    8d3ded4c Update latex-lab test outputs
    1c255482 Add \changes and changes.txt
    4adac0ac Merge pull request #1080 from latex3/gh1078
    545fd4dc Typo
    f019f02d use hooks with args for addcontentsline
    409e931f review toc tagging + hooks, WIP
    bb8a48b0 correct arguments, WIP
    db8b6d8b revert to two arguments for \l at XXX
    5277e06f update documentmetadata descriptions
    349b0510 typo
    3bab4536 update docu for debug key
    348f9a2c add bib code really to phase-III
    74538842 use hooks with arguments, WIP
    4b8924e7 declare variable
    1b812ceb add tagging to latex logo + textbf + emph
    6546589a correct tagging with bold
    83b0c8ee docu
    872ea791 update tests
    acf4f2d9 correct testfile
    da6ce82a remove textbf tagging
    4f6541f5 extend bib tagging docu
    cfca48b5 update test after textbf change
    eca15ae3 ci-skip review bib, WIP
    a7cf4d19 correct typo
    9cdae01d update test to new sec code
    72574f37 add first biblatex support
    81bb6178 add firstaid changes to external packages
    9a6440cc guard phase with format date
    ddd2d7a9 update tagpdf
    b6ce93ef update tests after tagpdf fixes
    7fa3a01f missed one test
    fe668b0d add support for ltugboat and (local) testfiles
    355da146 missed some tests
    7cddbb64 correct targets with natbib
    aedfd485 missed another test
    ecb94ced update versions and changes.txt
    d24ad5ef provide also \pdfgentounicode with lualatex (for newtx)
    feac0f0e update version, changes.txt
    211673ac address issues from review
    4b10b8b2 Merge branch 'develop' into main

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