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    Start 3.86.


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 # What's new in babel 3.86
-Nothing interesting yet.
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+## `tabular`
+In bidi texts there are two modes for `tabular`, namely, the default
+one, which orders columns from left to right, and `layout=tabular`, with
+all-RTL tables. When these two modes were introduced I was completely
+convinced the default mode would be a lot more simple than the all-RTL
+one. It turns out it was quite the opposite, for the reasons explained in
+In this version, there is a new solution based on patching the
+internals of the LaTeX `tabular`, as well as the packages `array` and
+## `\localerestoredirs` (lua)
+This command resets the internal text, paragraph and body directions to
+those of the current locale (if necessary). Sometimes changing directly
+these values can be useful for some hacks, and this command helps in
+restoring the directions to the correct ones. It can be used in '>'
+arguments of `array`, too.
+## `\babeladjust`
+There is a new key in case you want to deal directly with directions in
+math: `bidi.math`, with values `on` and `off`. Currently it can be used
+in the preamble only and affects the whole document.
+Also, `bidi.tabular` can be used to (mostly) disable the changes in the
+`tabular` default mode. It can be used only on the preamble. There are
+no changes with the `layout=tabular` mode.
+## Changes in `ini` files
+* Use more common term for glossary in `lithuanian` (thanks to Andrius
+  Pukšta, @yjhn).
+* Added diacritics to the rules for `kashida.plain` in `persian`.
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