[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex3] lmtx's head updated: Picking off LuaTeX vs LMTX conditionals (49d89a31e)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Thu Apr 20 18:30:30 CEST 2023

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex3
Branch 'lmtx' now includes:

     039e4e9d8 Use a common auxiliary for .bool_(g)set: and the inverse version
     b7aceaca2 Support legacy if switches in l3keys
     974f73d33 Step release tag
     b19ed52e1 Typo
     407cd5c84 Log one of Marcel's changes
     266e7591d Document legacy switch support in l3keys
     8f7127fa1 Tighten up documentation (fixes #1027)
     33d33a964 Missed the 'if'
     947301155 Correct a comment
     389a4587b Internal rename
     0dd6c7ffc Tidy source ordering
     f8c2618e8 Register zref-clever
     a24069433 prepare for xfp commands to be added to 2e kernel
     7138a157d Fix scoping function for drawing with dvisvgm
     33e95a502 Fix an incorrect command name
     7f36a851e Allow for specialformats when building format
     06533bb9b Enable testing for l3draw using dvips
     50aa1c9a8 Better specialformats support
     ffe5e5c00 Correct init. code for dash pattern with dvisvgm
     869a34e85 Define backend drawing scope for dvisvgm
     9b471a396 Correct m3draw005
     2d90929ec Correct sig for backend draw box function with dvisvgm
     0d861f348 Clip path is __kernel for dvisvgm
     3655fc93b Tidy some names
     95bcfe11c Set up tests for l3draw with dvisvgm
     b1a58a75c Update .tlg files
     0f7a16981 Step release tag
     1df6e9018 Doc tweak
     298eeac37 Doc tweak
     d969d2eaf Merge branch 'main' into gh-2e-711
     dd153c8ac Tighten approach to "current" color
     259836c27 Step copyright
     69f0cdabf Step copyright
     b1c1e4475 Remove deprecated l3kernel Lua table
     45438487e Update a comment
     d9a09bbd1 Better obsolete text
     595bca81c Move some color reset from backend to l3color
     42181ac39 Minor Lua improvement
     9c7a47a31 Correct handling for fmtname
     616a83d48 Remove a debug ling
     1a1cf19fe added prop_to_keyval:N
     fe582e255 only the value needs exp_not:n
     3953ab165 added tests
     f3d62ffd4 warn about unordered property lists
     708ee4f3a fix overflow issue
     88927e5cc slight performance tweaks
     063af6f33 put key names in braces
     950692b8d update testfile
     bfd9bdbd1 update implementation documentation for added braces around key
     72c693d07 remove unnecessary _aux suffix from internals
     8d2f28458 Update ChangeLog
     d73468df5 Use \cs_if_exist_use:cTF
     c0bb36ae5 Remove \@@_model_init:nnn
     86d92dc06 Use fallback color models instead of fallback colors
     955e5426f Documentation improvements
     2d9303460 Mumble
     70d15cd69 Add support for validity scope for keys (#1028)
     5f6e07a24 Implement regex_case_match (see #433)
     879938151 Tweak code and doc of \regex_case_match:nnTF (see #433)
     a6bfeb2ac Implement \regex_case_replace_once:nN(TF) (see #433)
     4e7ad36c4 Implement \regex_case_replace_all:nN(TF) (see #433)
     49c3147bf Correct computation of brace balance in regex_case functions (see #433)
     f5ef19baa Update changelog to record the new multi-regex functions (fixes #433)
     b8b5338ea Correct regex_case for a single-token explicit regex (see #433)
     24cc4e4bb Update for kernel msg change
     4f4dc2790 Update for intarray change
     522e9682b Name as 'match_case'/'replace_case'
     2d7da3d7c ChangeLog entry
     6b4698bb0 Typo
     a1e049e25 Typo
     782232a43 Remove some redundant mark-up
     dd770e2fd Re-order ChangeLog
     1936d7f0e Update a test file
     a78588254 Add \peek_remove_filler:n
     58d88e460 Document \peek_remove_spaces:n
     f151d4636 Deprecate \peek_..._ignore_spaces:N(TF) functions
     461315752 Update 'deprecated-then-removed' list in l3deprecation
     b6f4de458 End removal of deprecated functions
     8847d9473 Update comments in l3deprecation
     eb7ae3fbb Correct expansion status of a deprecated command
     f339fe271 Correct protected status of some removed functions
     2c60394b2 Correct some dates
     705312f5f Update deprecation data
     0b9ae3081 Log a change
     47e4b3fa2 Step release tag
     602efab5f Step release tag
     8b8d9550f support doc V3 interface (\MaybeStop)
     654c4504b ... but only if it is defined
     ce684bb63 Remove a piece of duplicated doc
     3445ea90b Correct creation of .if property
     195f85d5c Auto-generate legacy switch if needed by keys
     06d7a338b (no branch):
     47c4dc52d Allow for colors going out-of-scope
     da47b33f8 Revert "(no branch):"
     7b7fdbb52 More work on out-of-scope color
     9848bad35 register mathcolor and meta for LaTeX [ci skip]
     86e52ab84 Merge branch 'main' of https://github.com/latex3/latex3 into main
     52d18cc53 Step release tag
     54facdaa6 Markdown tidy
     c62cc176b Remove some old docs
     ff0fa9af2 Build l3doc.pdf
     ba0087115 ci: fix dependencies for typesetting l3doc.dtx
     27e8fc9a9 l3doc.dtx: add prominent warning in typeset title
     728443968 Add ChangeLog entry
     10c08f50d change to \thanks ; updated note and added a further para
     87d34a113 Add \color_math:nn(n) (#1035)
     e5d42764a Correct a section level
     b506136e6 A few module refinements
     8b3fee515 Register prefix "silly"
     fdf80c07e Correct documentation for creation of horizontal poles (See #1041)
     eb61f625e Register prefix "zrefvario"
     d9a0d989b Update engine/primitive requirements
     c5b1b1042 Improve message text
     f8e5d4b1e Tighten a message
     83166ab9c Move LaTeX2e key properties out
     d5a264885 Log a missing change
     893c1833f Step release tag
     0252389a9 Mumble
     d468f7ff6 Use content of `\g__color_backend_stack_int` (#1043)
     ce9afe12c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into main
     fa9873062 Step release tag
     a7174ecac Missing \expandafter
     1ac80a64d Can't use \ifdefined here
     b5e7a2026 Make error message look nicer
     cd6886b15 List Prote
     5789b5143 Add a missing TeXnote (closes #1049)
     e10ca3be9 Some details on .inherit:n (see #1051)
     33a08e245 Cover cases where "x-type" now means "x-type or e-type" (closes #1050)
     de9428ac6 Document that \prop_from_keyval:nN requires an "=" for each key
     9e7e0023b Some details on key modules (see #1046)
     addde2277 Typo
     f879493ba Typo
     4d221bd06 Correct detection of \@uclist
     3561e97d9 Test file update
     f421ba343 Add a test for \@uclclist usage
     e042e11fc Copyright line
     3ad4fd793 Correct Markdown for literal "#"
     123071794 Two more
     df25bca58 Update primitive requirements docs
     aa1c576f5 Update README on stability
     9db0d63a6 Step release tag
     baa2e4434 Frank would prefer to use the kernel hook here
     ba1ddd3a1 Better support for \cite in case changing
     9cacb75e7 Step release tag
     987f64c30 Documentation
     ced71c2b9 Register prefix `lwc` (#1057)
     0a59d38dc Precompile key settings
     cf3ba1203 Test file updates
     022f116c9 Avoid showing internals in \keys_show:nn
     230f1cff5 \keys_precompile:nnN rather than :Nnn
     25523bf14 Corrected documentation of l3doc function environment (thanks to Jan Braun)
     025bde6cd Add \str_if_empty:n(TF)
     600f6c3b6 Add \str_case:Nn(TF)
     29bac921e Improve description of c-type argument (see #1065)
     0263eca8b Support primitive conditionals with \legacy_if:n(TF)
     a1c2361ef Move multi-byte change change data to __kernel
     ae048257a Extend string test slightly
     8a5559e9d Extend \str_<type>>case:n to UTF-8 with 8-bit engines
     517080e23 Update upTeX test file
     58a18eb42 Allow nesting of tl_analysis_map_inline (fixes #1073)
     fddb67ea3 Support space tokens in \char_generate:nn
     8bffc3e54 Update docs
     6334be8e6 Bruno's faster check for null-space error condition
     b0e4d26a9 Fix a small typo in tl_build_get documentation (#1074)
     8e9b990e5 Merge pull request #1075 from latex3/spaces
     e0ff3d252 Register prefixes codehigh, fun, ninecolors, tblr (#1080)
     e323d9a08 Update l3names for TL'22 (u)pTeX
     7c8f4eeda Add \showstream to l3names
     cc882af6d Force cache rebuild
     23875818f Update for TL'22 shell info update
     5436f66b1 Update for TL'22 change in (u)pTeX logging
     09af5d0f9 Correct a message name
     20d595666 Drop support for (x)dvipdfmx pre-2020-11-11
     18eab0761 Typo
     9fe4ac735 No longer need some DocStrip guards
     2002c197a Avoid blank entry in seq if "ls" gives nothing
     1fdd86e23 Move most l3graphics interfaces internal
     845b5b2d6 Correct a message name
     c210da47f Switch to keyval approach to graphics data
     3c2073b14 Typos in building docs
     1816a3cc2 Document pagebox default
     818e2ccb5 Correct some variable names
     f14c40e14 Missing space
     9972f03b2 Allow for backend loading before l3graphics
     229e46a61 Keep pagebox data as a tl
     0e9d02831 Correct treatment of # in graphics caching code
     9817cfcd2 Quote graphics names containing spaces
     2fa9352f2 Log graphics updates in general
     d3c222bc3 LuaTeX doesn't like quotes in graphic file names
     2242ac7d6 Set up some basic graphic inclusion tests
     6c3f8eeb2 Update test files
     f63b1d9c3 Another test update
     26d00e2e5 Fix graphic inclusion for dvisvgm
     97d7b5a40 Extend graphics testing to dvips and dvisvgm
     6b92e448c Add graphics test for path searching
     9b53ecefd No need to worry about quotes here
     d98abd66f Tidy up some "graphics" duplication
     d94904ddc Remove a stray section line
     d9b14a39a Add \graphics_get_pagecount:nN
     7017c4c8f Test file updates
     84d9e2363 Add required PDF test file
     f29b849c1 Add a PDF for graphic search path testing
     612ccf270 Drop an unneeded support structure
     b315efba4 Extend testing to cover backend features
     1ca596ef0 Add a few missing functions
     128f11efa Handle 'misplaced' \protect correctly in \text_expand:n
     44104cf92 Simplify handling of \protect
     3eef88aa1 Correct mark-up order
     ec37c6cac Stick to a richer approach to \protect
     a395cd452 Refine \l_text_expand_exclude_tl
     eb56b4816 Simplify an auxiliary
     f8a25d882 Add \graphics_get_full_name:nN(TF) and revise \graphics_include:nn
     17b08db4b Step release tag
     2892288f7 TL'22 LuaTeX primitives
     14ef39444 Fix graphic searching with multiple extensions
     5ad7710ab Support SVG image inclusion in dvisvgm
     487921195 Test file missed
     4f199fa61 Fix \sys_load_deprecation: by making it a no-op
     ddc1d23e1 Standardise support for .ps files
     e4ec037b4 Test file updates
     97e9d0932 Support .mps files
     0addc8707 Test file updates
     2246a9ed9 Revert "Support .mps files"
     ec921ae01 Correct \color_ensure_current: on DVI routes (fixes #1085)
     f7d39af92 Test file updates
     ad0ccb777 Drop a stray group from test input
     626ce1291 Step release tag
     ce8118ae4 Tidy source
     724f97c19 Typo
     e1e2f14b4 Drop a redundant variant
     5075d7c7d Correct location of one auxiliary
     681815acc Use a common auxiliary for page resources
     75184aae0 Use a single color stack for (x)dvipdfmx
     4106cccc1 Mumble
     4bfa237c9 Update opacity test
     506083046 Update xbox tests
     741b8f9d5 (x)dvipdfmx can handle stroke color on a stack
     35ed9609f Reset color stack for fill/stroke with (x)dvipdfmx
     b9c5d3056 Move common code to l3color
     058351c12 Test file updates
     6a6c27126 Step release tag
     9cef4160d Allow for \..code changes in \char__str_...case:n
     68bac47e3 Add a missing \exp_not:n
     17d3c14b4 Revert "Add a missing \exp_not:n"
     02ac5ac15 Not just str functions
     ea6410883 Register postnotes prefix
     9e183b4b0 Update a link
     90165f8d3 Markup
     38179a889 Include U+2126 (OHM) as Greek
     3313c1aa6 Typo
     f6d8b0957 Correct logic
     01599936a Rename "de-alt" to "de-xeszett"
     a4be31c61 Update a link
     ad80b6664 Mumble
     1cd171933 Add support for ypogegrammeni in case changing Greek
     cc8a6603e Correct support for ypogegrammeni in Greek (fixes #1088)
     229c094e6 Add option "el-xiota" for uppercasing Greek
     b0be3321c Step release tag
     b74750a16 Correct ISO names
     2315f8d96 Mumble
     90e7923dd Add "hy-x-yiwn" option for Armenian
     4359092db Missed one test
     b38f8c1dc Mumble
     4ff893183 Use "hy" for Armenian "hy-x-yiwn" for the alternative
     c203378ec Proper support for BCP 47
     d7fecaf71 Step release tag
     a6a630b11 Typo in titlecase "hy-x-yiwn"
     e54592a34 Make the Armenian titlecase test useful
     c03c0b37d Missed upTeX
     1c459821e Register csl prefix
     3c321ef83 Correct defn. for \str_case:Nn(TF)
     ba548f595 Add new command `\lua_load_module:n`
     72a8eac8d Update `\lua_load_module:n`
     7d3f06d7b Uncomplicate things
     2d1b5ae56 Remove unused locals
     11d25e3c6 Use `try_require` instead of `pcall(require,...)`
     db7a1fd89 Merge pull request #1091 from gucci-on-fleek/main
     369d36d97 Retain spaces in xtemplate key names
     db1a06f41 Refactor an internal
     7400a72e8 Mumble
     0004eccc8 Cleaner approach to var creation
     e31831099 Function needs to be expandable
     2d15b1863 Pass template path to key creation
     0fb65dcef Create template keys for variables
     bbb21ead5 Extend key creation
     d8791d246 Support global template keys
     f402746a8 Document ad hoc value adustment
     57884672c Missed muskip
     e722e33c6 Missed skip too
     647806f9a One more global
     9228cc12c Slight simplification
     bdc72a558 Remove \EvaluateNow
     ea73d0649 Make \AssignTemplateKeys optional
     23335dbf0 Minor change to .tlg
     d3394d2f7 Addd \SetTemplateKeys
     d370a449c Support (x)template choices
     2a231831d Restore a test
     dd11645e8 Test file update
     9bba5be5c Template choices always require code to implement
     6298437b2 Typo
     e96e88686 Step release tag
     1b8412899 Tighen up text case exclusions
     08f2bd941 Step release tag
     233f94797 Fix space stripping from key types
     ac2aea1ca Undo msg redirect with log-declarations=true
     3a801be0e More work on spaces in template keys
     8423031fa More work
     c7740a59f Step release tag
     95823cff8 Make \peek_analysis_map_inline:n alignment-safe
     f2eeedba9 Ensure \bool_if_p:n returns \c_true_bool or \c_false_bool
     aaffcc752 Hint at \str_case_e:nn in \str_case:nn
     aa9ffb3c7 Only remove key name from \@unusedoptionlist
     8a750a6ad Mumble
     73683acce Step release tag
     995759926 e-Type expansion is slightly faster
     8e07ca1e3 Revert changes to l3keys2e
     bba26d9e9 Formally deprecate l3keys2e
     af7d4ef7a Step release tag
     036ada670 Don't embed PDF files immediately to count pages
     c32e80231 Correct the validity check performed by \regex_show:N (fixes #1093)
     24b19a75e Rename \cs_argument_spec:N to \cs_parameter_spec:N
     d2104906b Suppress dprecations errors for xparse
     77bd4a50a Register prefix lt3luabridge (#1104)
     54e03d46f Avoid an issue in ltcmd
     a98fde561 Correct sign for \c_log_iow (fixes #1105)
     b7b2969ed Standardise GitHub issue format in .md files
     544f56b24 Make issue links 'live' in READMEs
     cdde4a971 Typo
     f773e65f1 Get the link right
     8ea5fe93d Document how to get tl head/tail with space
     015a05937 Update LaTeX2e to 2022-06-01 PL2
     5b0ec5426 Expand active chars in \text_expand:n
     46f30cf1b Mumble
     27f791340 Make sure kernel will still load
     4f0c22a6e Mumble more
     e3b3ab121 Cover hyperref bookmark case
     bb399e685 Correct opacity docs re. color stacks
     37eea226d Correct opacity creation with (x)dvipdfmx (fixes #1106)
     b883b5a06 Reset opacity with non-stacked backend (fixes #1107)
     ae9d32728 Step release tag
     748855b2f One \cs_argument_spec:N missed
     66838cc7a Add finer control to case changing
     ea908d3e8 Step release tag
     fa3d2047e Update LaTeX2e to 2022-06-02 PL5
     0fb21d2a6 Better support for \text_case_switch:nnnn expansion
     c54e2636b Mumble
     f28e19eb3 Add test for \text_csae_switch:nnnn
     fcb766e61 Step release tag
     5d074745f Fix `\iow_open:N` in ConTeXt MkII
     730bc0af4 Correct argument order for \text_switch_case:nnnn
     cd2a2063c Step release tag
     12002e72f Register prefix tikzfill
     5225fd7e1 Register prefix rawobjects
     bcd1d1faa Redefine `\__ior_new:N` and `\__iow_new:N` globally
     3c340a018 Use `\c_sys_engine_format_str` to determine whether ConTeXt is loaded
     f4dc49a39 Add #1114 to `l3kernel/CHANGELOG.md`
     4599e2cd8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/main' into fix/iow-open
     bd6ca90e8 docs: fix typo (#1115)
     bb498539e Merge pull request #1114 from Witiko/fix/iow-open
     cd8b16320 Support for case changing Croatian diagraph with 8-bit engines
     75fe4f341 Make ConTeXt detection in l3file more robust
     9f32b3303 Register prefix scripture
     a82178581 Add \sys_ensure_backend:
     4b7054977 Document values for \cs_sys_backend_str
     2b91cfa67 Drop accents in uppercase Greek with 8-bit engines
     46b91b515 Protect \c_alignment_token in \color_math:nn
     35c6840ef Use \token_case_catcode:NnTF instead of \token_case_meaning:NnTF
     a94900b94 Add tests for \color_math:nn
     840740991 Different backends, different tests
     28b33adb0 Correct location of backend-dependent tests
     71887a232 Test file updates
     ce378bf36 Add no-ops for annotations in dvisvgm
     e7f7d06bf Tighten up an internal name
     0404bfcf5 Use scanmark not quark for \text_expand:n loop
     b4d849ca1 Test file update
     8df37e6a8 Step release tag
     d6efbc02e Update regression-test.tex
     6b033723e Add T5 (Vietnamese) chars for case changer
     db2b264d5 Add \color_if_exist:n(TF)
     33c3f6be9 change range in string test of l3str_convert
     060cb9556 Support cmy color model
     98222e2c6 s/LaTeX3/LaTeX/ in messages
     96d364e7b Typos
     62d5433fb Support for "&spot" color
     82fa95cde Missed a few .tlg
     37e6ff53d s/LaTeX3/LaTeX/ in .lvt files
     6ea374d25 Zap 'LaTeX3' in l3kernel-extras
     0b575cfe2 Define color 'pickup' in all cases
     4c347f982 Support for "tHsb" color
     4c71a7530 Step release tag
     0ea1ad097 Adjust PDF object creation to set type at point-of-writing (fixes #1123)
     3557a379c Missed an "\end{macro}"
     5a4ccf176 Keep UF happy ;)
     1f1c129c6 Extra braces needed
     a17c63f00 Refine a comment
     df7169e40 Drop an unneed x-type definition
     1a1301e7e Re-factor l3unicode
     2dcd78def Add \text_map_... functions
     8511941f2 Re-order ChangeLog
     e18d6883a Medieval Latin support in case changing
     6b8fb3f79 Correct a declaration
     069b6627b Extend NFD support to 8-bit engines
     afe68760b Step release tag
     0187ff144 Add missing "\end{macro}" lines
     7e2f11d8f docs: fix a typo in l3keys [ci skip] (#1131)
     c01841b5a Fix `cs_to_str:N` misspelled as `cs_to_sr:N` (#1133)
     708002ebf Backend part of PDD media box support
     7dc4e14e6 ChangeLog entry
     5be5c2a4d Test file updates
     c4c5a8d23 Enable media box setting if \DocumentMetadata is given
     b34770cf4 Correct logic for expl3 being pre-loaded
     773e50054 Mumble
     8b4cc0d7e Support for \stock...
     7d20f241f Support \mag for DVI-based routes
     cae324ba5 Test file updates
     fc3832c6a Update logic follow team discussionc
     5390635da Only use \stock... in test phase
     543ccd0c7 Correct function name
     3dd54cbf2 Protect against zero paper height/width
     f4d5b3cfe Update ChangeLog
     e29390fec Typo
     cfc1525bb Typo
     975af0d3c Enable case switching in titlecase-first (fixes #1130)
     f5dcb4eae Test file updates
     b1c82f018 Step release tag
     5662cb645 Correct Linguist setting
     7f0733f73 Force a GitHub rebuild
     87a82dd92 Register prefix "piton"
     3e42847af Clarify documentation of case-insensitive matching (fixes #1134)
     24f718890 Fix how peek analysis deals with normal tokens (fix #1109) (fix #1110)
     34bf4776f Fix \peek_analysis_map_inline:n for not-expanded tokens (fix #1113)
     074572f6d Improve o-expansion of the output of \peek_analysis_map_inline:n
     942856463 Tests for recent changes to \peek_analysis_map_inline:n (#1109 #1110 #1113)
     7494d861a Typo
     4b50c382b Avoid setting media box if \mag is non-std (see #1138)
     6c8416dc2 Test file updates
     249e0cf2f Move case data to two-part table system
     9cc01e32b Doc fixes
     1fc367aa2 Doc fixes
     05e9d20b5 Use "codepoint" as prefix for Unicode module
     3da1507e5 Correct prefix
     d4f3d9b6b New \codepoint_(str_)generate:n(n) functions
     31a1124e2 Rename \char_to_utfviii_bytes:n to \codepoint_to_bytes:n
     383e7064e Typo
     15d84fa92 Use new \codepoint_str_generate:n in l3str
     38a1367a9 Stray space
     9e19f852f Rename \char_to_nfd:n to \codepoint_to_ndf:n
     8279e9318 Doc fixes
     2b68c4989 Correct a variant
     14291f4fc Mumble
     dc00690d3 Delay a message creation step (fixes #1139)
     0083df30e \codepoint_generate:nn can't use #2 with 8-bit engines
     4251d02d5 Correct codepoint logic
     72e0abd9e pTeX doesn't like high chars
     aa84518eb More pTeX work
     5baa8b491 Switch text case changing to full Unicode range for all engines
     d0283ecd1 Correct a date
     024f0763b Punctuation
     a6bac0eb0 Knock-on changes
     7feb2c2c1 pTeX can't handle high chars properly in text mapping
     427686071 Deprecate \str_foldcase:n in. favor of \str_casefold:n
     109e9be84 Deprecate \chr_(thing)case:N and str variants
     1f050a1e1 Add \text_declare_case_mapping:nnn
     0d24cc27f Typos
     3378996f5 Missing {
     ae03f8103 Missing "\end{macro}"
     346472ee0 Minor fixes
     db34b7c75 Prep step for active char plan
     e2aec63a7 Step release tag
     38ecf7ed5 Drop an unused internal arg.
     723a51c16 Revert "Prep step for active char plan" (fixes #1142)
     d0220ef84 Add gset versions of \prg_set_conditional:Npnn, etc. (closes #1079)
     ef347bd36 Step release tag
     b05cc5e55 Add 'early' scan marks to record (fixes #1025)
     103f9cfd5 Revert "Add \text_declare_case_mapping:nnn"
     b49ac6d29 Deprecate \char_to_utfvii_bytes:n
     631f1cc36 Mumble
     f1a3ca53d Revert "Mumble"
     d9fd88454 Revert "Deprecate \char_to_utfvii_bytes:n"
     7676e7f4d Correct ChangeLog [ci skip]
     089f75b84 Make codepoint-to-bytes kernel-only
     25ca97aa1 Merge branch 'unicode-data' into main
     201a0ebce Avoid deprecated GitHub Actions features
     51e32f3e2 Standardise 'property list' (fixes #1032)
     32ffe483c 'expl3' better here
     a6aeb66e7 Preserve catcode when case changing 8-bit chars < "80
     07f81c9e3 Update \DescribeOption for doc v3 (fixes #1111)
     89a6e9cb4 Revert "Preserve catcode when case changing 8-bit chars < "80"
     0c3da10e9 Preserve catcode when case changing 8-bit chars < "80
     bab09b5f5 Add version data to \LaTeXReleaseInfo if defined (closes #1148)
     f57939e90 Missing "}"
     42f8ca80d Sigh
     331f5efc7 Typo fixed (#1152)
     1117b2478 Simplify GH Actions caching
     b2864f376 'expl3' in term glossary
     5f9f0d77a Fix #1153: typo in description of \tl_if_head_is_space:n. (#1154)
     0e1520637 Reset bool after restricting templates (fixes #1155)
     e299538ff Protect babel shorthands from expansion
     7ed834f9a Step release tag
     d1001f273 Enable \char_generate:nn to deal with \outer tokens
     5501b4e16 Fix code typo in xtemplate
     1adf26e45 Drop "code" key type for templates
     7d3f2b130 Correct over-ride code for template function keys
     a30463986 Papersize backend should be gset
     51f07184b Mumble
     c0ec0e638 Mumble
     0ea73a010 ChangeLog updated
     bceb104f6 Mumble
     cf792a179 Test file updates
     12e203221 A set -> gset internal change
     b7ec3611e Add a subheading to ChangeLog
     0923d69cd Update ChangeLog
     df569b5a6 Step release tag
     a88e124c1 Do not force catcode of "&"
     b1ad4d7a5 Allow for multi-part BCP47 strings in case changing
     6c3e20b5f Complete list of pdfTeX primitives
     8d1870935 Correct some map lines
     d47b6f31c Mumble
     56f031c2f Allow for loading with ^^L \outer (fixes #1161)
     25cce2f4e Add an .lvt for loading expl3 in plain (see #1161)
     709f778ce Step release tag
     c6b85950b Step release tag
     b254573fd Allow for expressions inside RGB/HSB colors
     d3daf6ba2 Mumble
     4f0a8d493 Correct ChangeLogs
     be8d1131d Set only known keys in \SetTemplateKeys
     8e88006f7 Avoid a potentially-stray argument
     55f3d64f2 Add \CopyInstance
     049ff1cdd \DeclareInstanceCopy was requested
     37ba89e0e Add test for \DeclareTemplateCopy
     0c9266b17 Correct ChangeLog entires
     3169a6128 Step release tag
     c67d8f7cc Fix doc typo
     61f088397 Re-order arguments of \DeclareInstanceCopy
     2f5e56fba Formatting
     75f0ce817 Uppercasing Greek: drop accents after diacritic
     d413122f5 Uppercasing Greek: correct el-x-iota output
     1fb66dbd6 Step release tag
     539a4e844 Swap meaning of el and el-x-iota when case changing  Greek
     0bdb8f153 Various minor typos
     5bf20b914 Use \codepoint_generate:nn internally
     0f4f10ba3 Remove an undefined macro in test file
     1c6d0275c Expand letter-like commands in \text_expand:n
     4dc8859ae Add .tlg files for UTF-8 engines on letterlike expansion
     0c05aa26d Update GH Actions (#1167)
     ac75309a5 docs: add missing left parenthesis (#1162)
     c250fd483 Expand pre-composed accent commands in \text_expand:n
     60e284652 Convert all accents to Unicode in supporting engines
     e9ca80fcd Revert "Convert all accents to Unicode in supporting engines"
     c071f31ab Revert "Expand pre-composed accent commands in \text_expand:n"
     0cea17dbb Revert "Add .tlg files for UTF-8 engines on letterlike expansion"
     5627f4335 Revert "Expand letter-like commands in \text_expand:n"
     f01907b86 Exclude accents/letter-likes from ext expansion in a controlled way
     c2c7e3eeb Revert "Exclude accents/letter-likes from ext expansion in a controlled way"
     aec0bcf0f Exclude accents/letter-likes from text expansion in a controlled way
     6bb6a35bb Another place to use \codepoint_generate:nn
     6c7519e6c Step release tag
     e802884d1 \Ucharcat is available in recent (u)pTeX
     29a0bc04c Disable CJK tokens on a per-test basis
     428132c39 Add a note about (u)pTeX and \codepoint_generate:nn
     a02716869 Enable CJK token handling for (u)pTeX (fixes #1171)
     4a0e5ff03 Mumble
     62b2c6429 Update link in ChangeLog
     ba3fcd9c6 Remove stray mark-up
     46686d702 Fix catcode for NFD creation of non-ASCII chars
     5ab7ddd7d Update `l3prop.dtx` [ci skip] (#1173)
     c1473aab9 Standardise "fp expr", etc., in sources
     10d9f295d Fix docs typo [skip ci]
     7404ff3a9 Drop a stray blank line
     0c2ad2d5c Drop unused backend code
     7eea4a60a Initialise fill/stroke internal values
     c44724f02 Update l3prefixes.csv
     fa7331d41 Registered fingering prefix for the recorder-fingering package
     a9d20cd73 Merge pull request #1176 from amunn/main
     7c9c550d9 Suppress NFD of Greek numeral sign
     a91950e02 Step release tag
     8c8839aa7 Fix typo in ChangeLog (closes #1178)
     5094cc3eb Add luaotfload integration for l3color and l3opacity
     a007be66b Correctly generate Lua file for backend
     5f4f6ed89 Move .ins instructions for Lua file into separate part of file
     a75867151 Introduce \tex_endlocalcontrol:D
     8fa457b3e Drop luatex guard for Lua blocks
     659245b4c Add changes to CHANGELOGs
     ff789d060 Merge pull request #1179 from latex3/l3color-luaotfload
     7917b818e Put scratch vars in their own section (fixes #1149)
     674929cad Tighten up docs (see #1170)
     82d84a5b5 Increase 'fallback' value for op calcs
     1f44ba5ce Fix typo
     9ca125092 Allow for non-int values in color expr. and restrict to [0,100]
     28a0efade Update DVI-based test outputs
     fc43436d4 Fix typo in message
     d925781d8 Treat color expr. < 0 values as-for zero
     e448cd105 Avoid typesetting in color test file
     5c8ad4af1 Drop unneeded .tlg files
     6df051ec8 Test for 0/100 in color expressions
     c260bb631 Fix typo
     6f7a8d13c Revert "Drop unneeded .tlg files"
     df390190f Move a backend test between files
     b2221af8a Preserve capital eta-accents when a single letter
     f0054d33a Leave Greek spacing diacritics unchanged in uppercasing
     0b851165c Step release tag
     b12205018 Avoid NFD of U+037E when case changing
     b693d92d5 Remove koronis (U+0343)  as NFD is U+0313
     2dd8e7eb1 Mention corresponding primitive names for `\if_cs_exist:[Nw]`
     fbf75feca Fix minor version in `\c_sys_engine_version_str` for pdfTeX and LuaTeX
     ff299c13f Revert "Step release tag"
     94bd2647c Step release tag
     ee0708cfc Remove .tlg as LuaTeX bug is now fixed
     2cc25218b Formatting
     187535923 Correct an internal name in \pdf_pagesize_gset:nn
     fe382ed2c Drop a stray line
     66a918d00 Refinement of doc description
     330e92026 Use a variant
     74d51bbf9 Typo
     8df4699df Drop stay doc lines
     f812d9a76 Drop a stray line
     8710f4bf1 Use package not file hook
     35940eb6b Drop force-loading expl3
     8ef7524fb Shorten an internal var name
     0730e4346 Adapt .tlg files to hook change
     8775e8045 Formatting
     39e3ff786 Remove a redundant comment
     91504b057 Add missing group to \draw_path_arc_axes:nnnn (fixes #195)ixes #
     ce048d200 Add the actual code for #1195!
     4f06ba82f Code typo
     9011aac18 Fix doc typo for `l3draw`
     8d846e9ba Doc improvement
     200a382d8 Rename \box_clip:N to \box_set_clipped:N
     83488becc Move box clipping/viewport functions to stable
     005d89358 Clarify documentation on box levels
     a8f9c62b7 Correct a function cross-reference
     275513683 Clarify renaming of box clip functions in changelog
     c77458ecd Skip PDF internal box for dvisvgm
     55e0a4703 Mumble
     a1ec449ca Update .tlg files
     2c739a07b More .tlg updates
     2850e7b26 Add \text_declare_<thing>case_mapping:nn(n)
     afef71574 Add case exception ofr U+01F0 uppercasing with 8bit engines
     fcde81271 Update .tlg files
     5b005ba7e Remove a stray > from graphics inclusion code for dvipdfmx
     c5340639a Add "pdf-attr" key to l3graphicss
     1794f1206 Correct ChangeLog
     42a19bf2c Update l3experimental build.lua
     127087742 Step release tag
     fd24a9ad1 Register .lvt and .ini as TeX files for highlighting
     d5d36444a Re-order args for \text_declare_...case_mapping:nnn
     4942c120f Step release tag
     d92026c95 Basic support for LuaMetaTeX
     49d89a31e Picking off LuaTeX vs LMTX conditionals

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