[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] gh782-t1's head updated: Merge branch 'develop' into gh782-t1 (53738661)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Sun Jul 10 15:00:21 CEST 2022

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'gh782-t1' now includes:

     220afa63 Correct dev banner
     c6c70652 guillemet issue #65
     d18e71d9 guillemet issue #65
     2e8aa098 delay use of \providecommand in case somebody has defined \enquote etc in the preamble
     d3be191f Merge branch 'hotfix/ltxdoc' into develop
     7638e624 Merge branch 'hotfix/ltxdoc' into main
     1b52a420 ensure that activating a generic hook sets the execution code
     30e177da Merge branch 'hotfix/activate-generic' into develop
     e02de643 Only remove key name from \@unusedoptionlist
     5984d365 Avoid a copy-paste error
     8c8f2a5c Use e-type expansion for performance
     8dc0064b Update l3kernel to 2022-06-16
     2b016c94 Update l3kernel to 2022-06-16
     e714744f Merge branch 'hotfix/removekey' into main
     aea570f0 Merge branch 'hotfix/removekey' into develop
     1fe09c21 Step release tag
     7e69456d Step release tag (cyrillic)
     3fe17e28 Merge branch 'main' into develop
     ea155114 Update GH Actions to TL2022
     976c21e5 Some test changes
     5c60e3ec Update changes.txt
     6f263eae Update changes.txt
     edd2f350 Correct remove from \@unusedoptionlist
     6c2d2bd8 Add a test file
     a76984e4 Use raw options for keyval handing
     e7d08fac Pass raw options to \ProcessKeyOptions
     bf04913a Also set the classical data store
     fb5500be Typo
     d2937550 Add a second test
     31af9843 Add more related files to GH Actions Artifacts for test failures
     8b67835d Merge branch 'hotfix/gh862' into main
     b1a0d374 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh864' into main
     93f0116a Merge branch 'hotfix/gh862' into develop
     afd022e6 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh864' into develop
     2bf017f0 Typos
     24324a69 Typos
     5927ee40 Check for multiple classes
     390834a2 Check for multiple classes
     3d18f9ac adapt test file to temporary bug in pdfmanagement-testphase
     f8a1a25d space difference in testfile
     de74be06 Step release tag
     019d4012 Merge branch 'main' into develop
     39a3e78a Update README
     8e411772 add ifnot property, use in new doc package option declarations
     72a11944 add test
     e84f3994 some options initialised true
     5094ec9e avoid requiring tools in test, also explicitly test .ifnot
     2bae2d95 fix for #874
     7650a0eb This is a dev change ...
     1dbb01bf don't load multicol for the test
     810cca8a Use the correct regression setup
     cac4d888 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh874' into develop
     b2c5aaa5 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh874' into main
     dde07750 Step release tag
     e4cb44e1 Merge branch 'main' into develop
     f58022ff Update l3kernel for testing
     ea516805 Update l3kernel for testing
     ff3617aa Mumble
     e1febb51 Mumble
     1bb4799e use latest l3 case change code and no protected at edef for #881
     c245e046 change log
     0aed23a0 eol
     4d856d0b typo in test b
     0a75a317 typo in test b
     4a2b3068 fix date in changes entry
     fabda0f9 fix changes entry
     c31117a3 use l3 protected definition for AddToNoCaseChangeList
     50d648f4 ensure arguments are always grabbed and braced
     66c20b9e remove protect from test log
     1b5fcc25 Update l3kernel for testing
     102e6a4c Update l3kernel for testing
     6f8f8523 update tlg
     d94233ba remove protect from test log
     8b798fa0 move cyrillic licr test to search config
     6f6b0f7d Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2022-07-01
     530b1231 Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2022-07-01
     b289be77 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh881' into main
     daa7850f Merge branch 'hotfix/gh881' into develop
     788cd7e0 Step release tag
     633d8f21 Merge branch 'main' into develop
     654aaedf outline of fix for #886 for testing
     322e87e7 documentation added
     b007f3c6 Update l3kernel to 2022-07-04
     3dea59bf Update l3kernel to 2022-07-04
     3fc79b2e Introduce 2e names for new expl3 case functions
     1d8e8b6e Correct a long-standing typo
     f2a0c391 Correct a comment
     707b87e6 Add some documentation for the new case changer
     5dbe4655 Support \CurrentOption for unknown keyval options
     4663fd87 Correct name for raw class option list storage
     87a3cae8 Tidy a test file
     939c92c7 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh886' into main
     b644f276 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh886' into develop
     6b398f1d Merge branch 'hotfix/gh885' into main
     7e6af09b Merge branch 'hotfix/gh885' into develop
     3a0b2344 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh889' into main
     1f532c27 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh889' into develop
     72d2315e docs: Fix typo in `classes.dtx`
     054812bf docs: Fix typo in `verbatim.dtx`
     7c53ab1f Resolve one unpaired brace in `changes.txt`
     a61834e9 Fix typo in `changes.txt`
     eda16fd9 Fix typo in `doc.dtx`
     a2d5baa4 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh892' into main
     60669d3f Merge branch 'hotfix/gh892' into develop
     5b45ad65 Step release tag
     735a547b Merge branch 'main' into develop
     53738661 Merge branch 'develop' into gh782-t1

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