[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] cleanup-footnote-lab's head updated: merge develop (f3001071)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Wed Dec 28 17:15:22 CET 2022

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'cleanup-footnote-lab' now includes:

     e8985e6d Only build released components for non dev-/release- tags
     f6fc81f7 Update l3kernel to 2022-07-14
     049d5d99 Update l3kernel to 2022-07-15
     1a002562 Update l3kernel and l3backend to 2022-08-05
     079696a7 Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2022-08-23
     70ff8b96 Update unicode-data to v1.15
     1a8dc2a0 Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2022-08-30
     0e37e011 Track pdfmanagement
     62664a10 Use a local copy of pdfmanagement
     91d73ddd Also need tagpdf
     dcb8c870 And KOMA
     497883db Update l3kernel and l3backend to 2022-09-28
     9bce4ab3 Correct handling of unknown option list (see #938)
     3f67482c further guarding of options for #932
     34e697b5 update rollback tests
     f970508e restrict detokenize to within csname #932
     05894a15 correct doc for UTF-8 byte ranges
     b63f1feb correct doc for UTF-8 byte ranges rebase from develop
     2b309f75 Merge branch 'develop' into gh932b
     393f9388 Merge pull request #940 from latex3/gh932b
     694f2296 Correct an argument
     223b27d0 Define key option handler in ltkeys
     eb9a772a Merge pull request #937 from latex3/keyval-tuneup
     43a484ec Merge pull request #733 from latex3/gh-selective-release
     e0f0d7e3 text updates ltnews
     7447e931 Add optional arg. to case commands and keyval BCP47 interface (#936)
     04782624 Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2022-10-26
     049df79c Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2022-10-26
     bc200654 some changes to fit everything into 3 pages
     8de0f4ec Add first aid for babel to support new case change def.
     4e0993d6 Typo
     e6ceabbb firstaid shows in hooks
     719d83c0 Typos in ltnews36
     f4dc2f56 minor change in formatting last page
     2c2086b1 Much easier babel patch
     00b84962 as coming back from kb
     33a79d9f normalize key--value to key/value
     5a8aaa21 .tlg updates
     ee1a23ac Merge commit '5a8aaa21a9d3e3c19510529a717b485026467a70' into ltnews36
     a49b1f4d added a sentence explaining why both font faces give the same results
     bd4ecd74 small rewrite/addition
     1df54370 Merge branch 'develop' into main
     db76b37c Step release tag
     2066584d Merge branch 'main' into develop
     5f7b79c9 Step pre-release tag
     a98f5304 Rollback test shows up pre-release version
     aa8310cd Update expl3 to 2022-11-02
     27ce9951 Update expl3 to 2022-11-02
     4abc0607 ltnews36 changes suggested by kb
     e0ea39d5 Avoid deprecated GitHub Actions features
     564fa716 change historical reference
     4214c9ee more text changes (gh/951)
     4556b725 Gh943 (#946)
     7b9ca703 first aid fix for #820 (#947)
     fd095499 Gh944 (#950)
     e1b7641c Gh920 (#952)
     3c6201d9 Gh953 doc: remove verb definitions no longer necessary (#954)
     737ccf66 fix typo
     1f06c5ef Gh917+958 add nowarn option to filecontents (#959)
     7dab30fd Gh955 fix broken rollback (#957)
     ac5dd708 add missing dependency
     213d8cad Fix cache workflow caching tag
     01e9ff89 Simplify caching in GH Actions workflows
     1f8b12fe Gh963 copy and show envs (#964)
     8f886d40 Gh962 et al dev (#968)
     1336fcf7 Firstaid songs (#969)
     156bae1d Set \oe/\OE equal during case changing
     ad2087f7 Add a comment to explain the code
     553ae9f5 Merge branch 'hotfix/babel/gh189' into develop
     78484db7 Step pre-release tag
     c477aa45 Add (basic) test for (u)pTeX format building
     e8d6623f Revert "Add (basic) test for (u)pTeX format building"
     0531c927 Update l3kernel and l3packages to 2022-12-17
     d2309bb8 expl3 version shows in gh0944
     f3001071 merge develop

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