[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] keyval-detect's head updated: The keyval loop handles user input, so it needs private quarks (f6ddf60f)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Wed Aug 31 08:31:16 CEST 2022

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'keyval-detect' now includes:

     0176ac59 Better interface for shared engine callbacks
     0c2316d1 Gh905 (#906)
     42bb123b fix error message for load-only keys
     0ef3f9ea Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2022-08-23
     5a039a0f avoid doc line to be passed into latex.ltx (because of extra space)
     fc04cc31 Introduce \stock... dimens (#873)
     e91140d9 Typo
     74aa5432 Update l3backend and l3kernel to 2022-08-30
     70898ce3 Update unicode-data to v1.15
     d006e729 Unicode data versions show up in .tlg files!
     eb1a5e53 Add "={...}" modifier and suppress brace stripping
     7e699648 Use a clearer default key name
     9f009e06 Typos, etc.
     ee10fe2c Clarify docs further
     02a73033 Add missing \exp_after:wN
     ec9ab437 Reorder to avoid \exp_after:wN
     ec595680 Correct test output
     5aff8efe Typo
     432d4c33 Use \tl_trim_spaces_apply:nN as suggested
     51f91aba Protect against non-standard catcodes
     c0ec433a Maintain an un-trimmed version of the argument
     ef913777 Use the correct argument
     12ef12a3 Simplify a bit
     9635911d Less argument passing-around
     86e471fe Protect against nonstandard catcodes
     1ccc8b8f Support for \ShowCommand
     367b9909 Don't allow ={...} in expandable commands
     218f8ff4 Add tests
     bdf5e8cb Correctly enable brace strip suppression
     2df017e6 Some simplifications
     1c8ee237 Add code documentation
     f6ddf60f The keyval loop handles user input, so it needs private quarks

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