[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] gh415's head updated: Do not \edef utf-8 chars when overwriting with filecontents (eee1e7ee)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Wed Mar 3 16:45:32 CET 2021

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'gh415' now includes:

     e59e10eb rollback to current version of longtable
     e7f52943 \global removed (thanks to Martin Wilhelm Leidig)
     6f241224 [ci skip] duplicated NeedsTeXFormat
     21d94c90 apply patch for vertical space when float on an LT page issue #3512
     a2416a4a increase default chunksize
     383fbe17 allocate box for global operations (tools/2914)
     41582566 updated LT box structure
     57ed312f v4.14
     aaf90859 fix test name
     216256a7 rollback to current version of longtable
     7d30cf38 \global removed (thanks to Martin Wilhelm Leidig)
     1a4c9842 [ci skip] duplicated NeedsTeXFormat
     819fda96 apply patch for vertical space when float on an LT page issue #3512
     81fbee90 increase default chunksize
     a6ea72fe allocate box for global operations (tools/2914)
     b5915472 updated LT box structure
     d71cf32c v4.14
     020305c7 fix test name
     46f23d6d Merge branch 'longtable4.14' of github.com:latex3/latex2e into longtable4.14
     6009e123 two patches to handle shrink glue issue #183
     25782336 add footrefmark
     047d220b renamed \footrefmark to \footref
     bce8da63 add paragraph tagging hooks
     ec0b98a7 Merge branch 'develop' into footrefmark
     2147f1c2 fix for #489
     61ab7601 Merge branch 'develop' into footrefmark
     4f03f9b7 fix for #488
     cb30af31 endless changes in the test files (due to additional box layer showing in \showoutput) There is one test github-0212 that might need analysing (and is not yet updated)
     18836791 this should be unrelated to the change ... needs further investigation
     883db40b reverted back manually and handcorrected the tlg. looks like the save for some reason it not copying back to the dir ... strange)
     c5d611b5 Set stdengine to pdfTeX for tools "legacy" tests
     59792ac9 added explicit \par in front of \color at endgroup in suport for paragrah hooks where appropriate
     a08219ca Merge branch 'gh404' into gh488
     c15f03b2 forgot the rollback changes
     12172f5d fix for #404 (WIP)
     3c50d3df fix for #496
     8540d607 Merge branch 'develop' into gh489
     7cf427ed Merge pull request #490 from latex3/gh489
     64ff00ed fix for #497  (document \labelitemfont in ltnews)
     292a99b9 really should add an alias for \textt :-)
     b3d08c0c the promised breakage due to new hyperref adding pdfversion in test(s)
     8bd62800 Merge branch 'develop' into gh488
     b4360cb4 Merge pull request #491 from latex3/gh488
     779ddbe7 correct a few typos [ci skip]
     3fded07f fix #500 typo [ci skip]
     1a2ac412 avoid infinite loop on math alphabet error #501 (#503)
     01fadb80 Merge branch 'develop' into ltpara
     28b70558 new version of ltpara with documentation [still WIP]
     c308f86a mumble, of course dropping a hook means test files change and sometimes one also need special ones for xetex
     3b334ebe and amsmath has also test files that change ...
     68135e4d add ltnews and changes entry drop ltpara.ltx (now generated) minor updates to ltpara.dtx
     dbaf032a surprise: processing full ltnews requires \endinput after \end{document}
     2f9626ca Merge branch 'develop' into footrefmark
     7880a583 test file change due to the colorgroup change
     459c833e added documentation for #486 in ltnews33
     2cac45ea try again with a text closer to the truth
     c1a3a3a3 ... and the \endinput for ltnews
     fc5c9ab6 pdfstring trouble
     306616d3 fix for #502  poor man's \texttasteriskcentered
     715acbec Merge branch 'develop' into ltpara
     fbc71d54 Merge branch 'develop' into gh404
     68e17bc1 Typos
     4193f9be \dim_set_eq:NN is a tiny bit faster here
     79941275 updates after review
     9ad03361 \dim_zero:N instead of \dim_set_eq:NN <dim> \c_zero_dim
     d64dd493 \skip_zero:N on \parSKIP
     e41c719b Update l3kernel to 2021-02-18
     d7fcc324 Update l3backend to 2021-02-18
     6920ac8c Update one test file
     bc83b601 Merge branch 'master' into develop
     05d90cde small docu fixes [ci skip]
     6f5d1972 Merge pull request #506 from latex3/ltpara
     e40c2c0b Merge branch 'develop' into gh502  + some typo corrections
     32eb3d47 Merge pull request #505 from latex3/gh502
     0b0e58bc Merge branch 'develop' into gh404
     4915a35c Support \textnonbreakinghyphen, \textfiguredash and \texthorizontalbar by approximation in OT1 T1 and TU (if missing)
     dc2a4234 added doc-v3beta.sty  for internal documentation (to be replaced later)
     4711e737 changes based on feedback
     67d390bf Merge branch 'develop' into gh404
     d0e5155a of course this affects th test file, stupid me
     f28c3d9b Fix blunder in \textnonbreakinghyphen
     df6e2ba0 Merge pull request #508 from latex3/gh404
     3d8a3588 rawoptions for packages and classes (#507)
     39663622 Merge branch 'develop' into footrefmark
     c067823f test file changes because of ltpara
     f102f517 Merge pull request #482 from latex3/footrefmark
     809b7e9b firstaid for classes definining \footref unconditionally (to be taken out again later)
     15be3720 simplify firstaid for \footref regen lthooks tests (should remember that:-( ) add memoir and koma-script to texlive.sh
     dcec4ef6 this firstaid can't be trested with travis (so local only)
     8ed9aede fix typos
     6ddb43b7 Merge branch 'develop' into longtable4.14
     c8baf767 news item for longtable update
     67346170 added ltnews33 entry for longtable; added changes into changes.txt; fixed a few change entries
     f86c5a13 Merge branch 'longtable4.14' of https://github.com/latex3/latex2e into longtable4.14
     477c9fb0 clean up overlapping change
     7b3db88b Adapt code from jfbu for improving preload speed
     d0fee923 Step pre-release tag
     4c55c61d correct gh-0212 test file (not sure why that hasn't showed up before)
     ee6eb3b5 Further test corrections
     79531e0a Mumble
     ec272bad Yet more test updates
     bb465706 Correct stdengine for amsmath "TU" tests
     12442a56 Update l3backend to 2021-03-02
     b247a75d Change the guards in ltfloat so that commented out lines do not show up in latex.ltx but in latexrelease.sty
     4409a02b Merge branch 'develop' into gh415
     eee1e7ee Do not \edef utf-8 chars when overwriting with filecontents

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