[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-luaotfload] master's head updated: updated status (4be690d)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Thu Dec 31 15:30:40 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/luaotfload
Branch 'master' now includes:

     edc4829 Cleanup
     daf4697 fontnames lookup table
     6f9848e Adjust test
     2cab444 Merge back 'master' into dev and prepare for dev
     b8ff3e9 luaotfload-main -> luaotfload
     e1af804 Use separate module function
     9cdc981 Don't print useless log output
     ff5d691 glyphlist can be loaded later
     aac12eb filelist is useful independently
     7e53652 Mostly suppress logging of submodules
     91a2a1e Better line breaking in warning
     0f606d6 Allow restoring old submodule handling
     6d74670 Apply variable font features in luaotfload-tool
     0127d99 Fix version checking
     960250c Add pre/post_shaping_filter
     7862bae Use `kpse.show_path` for getting search paths
     9e0d73e Added missing local and stylistic changes
     c366dca Adapt tests to new LaTeX release
     ca7ea6c Merge #169 from @vlasakm into dev
     3839dff Add ActualText markers for copied nodes again
     613e360 Revert "Add ActualText markers for copied nodes again"
     5aa32d3 Move ActualText marking to post_linebreak
     1383e0e Adjust test
     f590f55 Fix ordering and clean up harf callbacks
     968cf35 First case-mapping code
     fc56c53 Casing, 2nd step
     f3e3896 Activate case-mapping features
     4ff2f4f upper/lower -- Default Unicode algorithms finished
     38f16e1 Fallback if requested script or language missing
     d75c598 Fix bug with non-math fonts in math script
     64e077a Small optimization
     c653f9c Fix bugs and optimize
     ff7a5b5 Fix whitespace
     59e5269 Further bugfixing
     032efe8 Remove dead code
     441331b New discretionary handling approach
     2c47f0d Adjust tests to new discretionary handling
     26c31f7 Handle TODO
     39f3e30 Index shifting to clean up code
     0e4fe35 Counting is hard
     344aca0 Smaller fixes
     4c52ebd Create first/second discretionaries if appropriate
     71f14fa Fix bugs in discretionary code
     6dbc35f After spaces it's "safe" to break too
     471b101 start updating docu for release
     218d869 Add documentation
     490d8f8 update docu
     f540aa4 update news
     6a54093 merged
     922d1c6 remade tests after change in intarray use in format
     c5a166d drop use of unicode library
     594361b update buildinfo.txt
     62c9b54 Import new fontloader
     9549115 update news/announcement
     d1423b5 update lualibs files
     4be690d updated status

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