[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] master's head updated: Merge branch 'hotfix/gh441' (8798a4b1)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Tue Dec 22 11:30:19 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'master' now includes:

     6ae3cee4 Move 'top-level' chunks always at the end of the hook
     8467ab6a Update (most) test files
     c878da86 Code docs
     f0b01786 In reverse hooks, put the top-level chunk at the beginning
     b566126c Update (most again) test files
     33d4132b Set the order of the chunk only after the hook is declared
     b11dabb4 Test if exist rather than if empty
     ed180cad This should be "before"
     f4ea4de4 Update test file for environment (with reversed) hooks
     0ac8253f Explicitly tell if order is not set in the top-level chunk
     43c2bafc Do not revert code within the top-level chunk
     e2f84ede Tell if top-level is executed first or last
     cd9b8f5e Use \tl_if_empty:nTF to check for an empty hook
     4994f518 Check for 'top-level' earlier
     8fe7a893 Remark on the difference in behaviour when removing code
     eac3fcd1 Do not allow 'top-level' outside of top-level
     c54967b9 Use current default label as fallback
     52b77b90 Change message text
     3a25fd90 Add test file for 'top-level' changes
     1ecc7bca Rename \DeclareDefaultHookLabel to \SetDefaultHookLabel
     6b2e81fc Hard-code top-level as the initial default label
     8fcc4ebf Some simplifications entailed by 6b2e81f
     2aca9747 Enforce no stack items are blank
     a44f4f1d Do not hold the current label in the stack
     2feb3ac7 Provide \PushDefaultHookLabel and \PopDefaultHookLabel
     413e9406 Replace set+unset default label by push/pop pairs in tests
     9d1b243c Changing the top-level label is an error
     d6f7d726 Update firstaid-bidi test files
     ea1bc5bc Fix bug in \hook_show:n
     70a0596b Use push/pop pair here too
     f40df48c Update docs for #441 and document new functions
     c832f542 Other minor doc fixes
     584910d1 Error on unbalanced \(Push|Pop)DefaultHookLabel
     f234dd65 Off by one
     22beec97 Tests for 584910d
     b7a14104 This name is unused now
     43368960 Update test files
     eec6c9a4 Move testing errors to lthooks-errors
     670070f1 Committed this by accident
     e5034299 Step file versions and add changes.txt entries
     219baa69 Missing argument to error message
     9190d186 Fewer arguments to \@@_initialize_single:NNn
     16238760 Add expl3 debugging to test files
     40231e06 Use own (g)set and (g)put functions to avoid \debug_suspend: mess
     d55eced8 Typos, missing docs, and clearer tests
     1f72e21d Move missing-pop-label error to kernel hook
     8798a4b1 Merge branch 'hotfix/gh441'

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