[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] gh444's head updated: Merge branch 'develop' into gh444 (6cbfa18e)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Sat Dec 5 09:30:16 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'gh444' now includes:

     6efae2cc Update classes.dtx to tackle #430, also remediated some other inconsistent wording. [ci skip]
     739cf6c2 Update alltt.dtx, classes.dtx, and proc.dtx to remove typos found in #428, #429
     6837e77d Update doc.dtx and docstrip.dtx to dix typos found in#428 and #429 [ci skip]
     26b9da03 Update classes.dtx to fix introduced error
     33cc1ecc Update fix-cm.dtx, fontdef.dtx, and ifthen.dtx for typo's found in #428 and #429
     63f39ab2 Update inputenc.dtx, latex209.dtx, ltplain.dtx, nfssfont.dtx and utf8ienc.dtx for typo's found in #428 and #429
     d7e36ef5 Update l3kernel to 2020-12-03
     813e7a74 Test update
     52ea0461 Merge branch 'develop'
     0912c024 Update ltclass.dtx to remove typos found in #428, #429 [ci skip]
     5d708344 Update ltcntrl.dtx, ltcounts.dtx, and ltdefns.dtx to remove typos found in #428, #429
     7edfcbc0 test file fixes for Johannes typo updates
     6cbfa18e Merge branch 'develop' into gh444

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