[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-pdfresources] master's head updated: remade more tests after hyperref info change (1bb71a7)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Thu Dec 3 19:30:30 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/pdfresources
Branch 'master' now includes:

     043546c preparing for local/global dictionaries
     4e27a75 Merge branch 'master' into renamedict77 import corrected tests
     43b7f37 working on local/global dict access
     4bec249 internal clear,show both for global and local
     3ba90ee adapted to name change
     5aabed1 changed prop_gput to prop_put
     16e59ec change @@_prop_gremove to local/global variant
     7d70a63 adapted dict item
     d0322a6 added show and if_exist test for dictionary, removed some global variants
     504f32a public if_exist test
     338f462 move a dict related command
     940a2c2 renamed internal prop commands to dict
     4c667c3 adapted messages
     076958f remove pdf_pagesattr commands
     613b808 remove info commands
     af44995 removed info command
     c4d4287 save
     59a450c replace call to catalog with dict syntax
     e1e656d update test
     0e638f6 converted catalog command ->dict
     dfc52e0 remove references to pdf_catalog
     04c9d61 some docu improvements
     ca369e3 more changes to dict name
     294ea2c added pageresources to pdfdict
     b380db7 fixed broken page resources
     984236e more on page resources
     56a4324 docu changes
     32199a9 cleaning up pageresources
     792c00b first changes pageattr -> pdfdict
     5a3be0f revert changes for page resources, xetex doesn't like it
     efb36f8 moved info section
     85f6dad fix double definition
     e8a5f74 cleaning up the dict code
     dcc2edc corrected extgstate code for xelatex, and adapted test, three failures
     e828ccc updated xetex testfiles
     b412884 pageattri ->dict, failure in thispageattr
     9c3efc3 typo in testfile
     8b78819 cleaning
     e88deda first steps to renaming Page resource
     436f9f3 rename another PageN command
     543b52c rename pageresource push function
     afdd903 rename page resource clist
     0b26d71 rename a page resource push command
     3d08ee4 rename lua functions
     a915854 renamed Page code
     ecc58cb show command adapted
     925d5f2 renamed more PageN
     0194f33 small typos, docu
     cfcfc2d change catalog values from names to references
     9477682 reorder code
     7d668af start attachfile tests
     d5d8c4d saving
     2b78d36 renamed annot/link commands. Need to sort the default attributes
     145b4f9 improved link attribute handling of hyperref
     3f585ca removed manual attribute command
     5ab829d forgot a dict test
     a051bb2 corrected docu
     0738691 working on attachfile
     a078f19 storing attachfile experiment
     32283e2 working on attachfile
     a1c9eb9 split user command in local/global, is cleaner
     3ec8ca4 starting file code
     d53d43b working on file module
     fd7811a added if empty test
     a2e46e9 rename dict_map and change expansion
     95756dd working on embedding files, new escape command (temporarly)
     b174b7f working on file embedding
     19ef58c more embedding files
     ffb2d3d more embedded files
     57825f7 embedding ...
     68139fb storing, not finish
     86f9282 file embedding, seems to work
     fb9a67a escaping files names
     a56c699 added commands to reset a dict
     3e1850a graph icon in attachfile
     b2562a7 testfiles for pageobject_ref
     6a5c7de attachfile changes
     8740961 icon data, attachfile
     ba41b1b new-attachfile, currently broken
     0c75538 working on attachfile
     16cde48 store
     67d2ae2 added xform exist test
     b653058 correct definition order
     7fed36c testing bitset
     e55d382 constant prop for flags
     72aa2ff restore xform tests
     7d7d5f6 hmmm
     c28a668 converting/escaping of  strings
     c9a0130 moved convert function
     e475db9 escape commands
     0d9bdf2 more changes to attachfile
     1eccb97 more variants for put command
     bc561ec attachfile changes
     a5c9d4f typo
     1fa18b6 splitting steps,unfinished
     68a05a2 adapt to new hook code
     b5f0d82 extending new-attachfile
     e5a03e2 saving, working on it
     776d92d reworking embedfile commands
     311b927 working on embedding
     ce1dff6 more tests when embedding
     d6e536d adjust mimetype warning
     6c341a3 adjust to change in hook code
     98391f5 adapted test to new shipout code
     455da01 load lthooks early
     f811754 change hook order -- pgf patch was too late for luatex
     7239137 predefine two commands for check declarations
     4917e0d move pgfpatches, doesn't work with xetex yet
     53b2d02 hook-test
     ecbb764 corrected string conversion
     8069ec3 starting with meta data
     71267b0 remove xetex big chars code
     91c7382 typo in docu
     0ddd26e example for widget annotation
     3340fb3 standards, work in progress
     59bfd80 corrected button example
     93a5e82 unify names
     d057023 skeleton for annotation widget
     cc100e3 starting pdfstringdef replacement
     cb1d239 info keys
     d82d5ec use new convert code for info dictionary
     9c89b63 move object test to l3pdf
     49218e1 adapt test to new info code and change in shipout code
     b1a7aa3 document transition
     4e7d5b1 transition examples
     39b7ffe added page/Trans dict
     37a6e67 testfile for trans
     8cb7719 xmp-chunks
     5977220 moved meta code to l3pdfmeta, adapted tests
     863aef2 acrobat menu and pdfa
     0c8d46d annotation flags, adapted testfiles
     3bda0b3 changed link hooks to new hook code
     fb03b9f typo
     6fc6ab0 more meta code
     e0e23c9 some test files
     9112c8d field flags
     557c565 changed flag implementation
     183ad9f some tests
     4045440 first try with checkbox
     6840901 checkbox ...
     7a7f65d checkbox pdf
     3c43a6b removed backend defitiion, is now in l3backend
     a2d7e00 testing standards
     b1aa0b6 testing fields
     693c93b more field tests
     9132a25 corrected xform code for xelatex, adapted tests!
     0a5a6fd adapted to new shipout code
     07a7c7b update some experiments
     ed247f4 dvips testfile
     1f6128d switch to new shipout abspage counter
     59e6f10 Merge branch 'test-new-hooks' of https://github.com/latex3/pdfresources into test-new-hooks
     8b8998f save
     a93708c save experimental field file
     ce42b22 storing
     45affde start to change end of run commands
     3464f8a resorted backend code
     9bf60a2 adapt tests to shipout/end of run changes
     66ea36d moving code to l3pdfdict
     cca89ff exchange str convert function
     3fdc208 results folder setting
     3960ed5 adapt config files
     9db7e4f split dict in local and global part
     8333495 moving to module files
     c92332a change unknown messages
     965c337 moving info code
     70e9aec moved pages code
     31cde7a moved page/thispage to l3pdfgdict
     64910b0 storing
     d6eb9a4 more moving
     d46c41a moved pageresources
     55c7e29 moving catalog code
     f764787 moving catalog code
     a9ddd0a backend code
     e315c0d move to backend
     719177d move hook text out
     57f0d94 first correction round
     3e6d8b2 correct more splitting errors
     b705db9 correct tests, small typos
     1a99e93 addapt testfiles to l3pdfgdict
     39fa4ec remove reset code, reconsider later ...
     b47ae80 changing dict commands
     9cd59f9 correct small error and test files
     ec3b3db adapt test to new name
     6ec0f76 cleanup messages
     5c8e95f cleaning up guards
     ee191c0 cleaned up l3pdfdict
     0e72737 adapt metadata test to new hyperxmp
     fec0a88 added set_eq
     26218f7 start to move template dictionaries
     5ec2b18 removed merge command - it is used only once
     3e1e70d more cleaning up
     7e8ca18 rename gdict to coredict
     40316eb update test
     40cede5 added prefix to code dictionaries
     dafc534 starting to move backend hooks
     6159774 start to move backend code out
     90fd58c change to hooks
     17caea6 moving to hooks
     90fd653 moving backend code
     26a2e24 moving page backend
     13aa3d8 sicherung
     5a6cc77 adapt to new color code
     80722eb correct expansion of bdc operator
     c4cf8cb correct dtx commands
     13be2e7 adapt test to new hyperxmp
     d790ced add beamer patch for lthooks
     d839068 adapt metadata test to new hyperxmp
     9d5392c corrections
     50c4ddc grrr
     d23a64b rename flag commands
     4606e1b correct annot_link_last
     b2ca490 adapt checkbox test for xelatex
     1842dc9 merge checkbox-test
     b44c678 sorting link-last
     bcfc929 tests for annot_last
     eac271f added pdfannot_last
     fd6498f remove pdf_docviewfor now
     10cc48c renamed rule
     b848edb renamed embeddefile commands, remove resolve dvips fixes
     2cea088 correct guards
     8ab69f3 storing, but broken
     6935a77 error corrections
     145fed1 correct prop content
     0655407 changing emdeddedfiles handling
     88a90ad improve embedding files and add testfile
     2f57da7 documentation and small glitches§
     24de918 correct test
     26b8d80 replace prefix
     4303496 more docu
     7ccdb0f attach commands removed
     913f5f5 clean up messages
     462e921 show command for embedded files
     7452d89 changed dvips test
     01067ed documentatin glitches
     6cdd2d1 added bdc-direct backend, replaced \special
     13e40e9 adapt test to avoid dates interfering
     ce94a82 working on bdc ....
     9c7e7ca changed bdc command
     7272540 missing end variable, corrected docu
     0eba844 docu
     748cd0a changed bdc, added test for core active
     f71baa6 moving bdc code to backend
     0b2b1d8 moved convert functions to pdftools
     d38a062 convert to new pdf_text_convert commands
     2616bb0 moved lua code to backend, tool code to tools, meta code to meta
     545dd6b adapt test to new active boolean
     01e8e02 remove public function pdfitem_dict, looks unneeded (or add something to pdf_text
     8ee8ed1 renamed pdf_pageobject_ref to pdf_object_pageref
     0e980d6 rename pdfdict_map to pdfdict_use
     db979a4 use prefix for local/global dict
     649197e test needed changes in hyperxmp
     18623ce removed pdfdict_item
     f253dc7 install hyperxmp variant
     4be5a5c remove new-pdfescape, code is in l3pdftools now
     560a887 patched pgf file
     059b540 install the pgf file
     0889ace small corrections to l3pdfmeta
     643c169 test with hyperxmp
     5a1c251 add dvisvgm dummy backend commands
     261de14 trying to sort loading order ...
     15ef518 Merge branch 'splitting' of https://github.com/latex3/pdfresources into splitting
     8b75180 hyperref driver
     e8b2c5b moved xform, check xetex
     2a7c36d correct guards
     45b97ae switch to dev formats, adapt tests
     cc2dfed working on load order
     32956b3 moving code
     b3ee684 docu
     f2dcc5c correct protected
     b62b979 correct protected
     b128972 combine ins files
     16785df split l3pdfme
     429ba74 improve docu
     5a51aba move utils out of pdfresource
     9888516 remove lthooks package
     09afd6d remove beamer patch, no longer needed
     36811ff correct build lua
     ee37d55 Merge branch 'splitting' of https://github.com/latex3/pdfresources into splitting
     8fef32a remove lthooks dependency
     ea6f5f1 adapt tests to format changes
     195cfa7 docu updates
     d557bff cleaning
     c7121d9 correct argument in pdf_bdc
     8182316 avoid that is breaks with two declaredocumentmetadata
     cada9c0 improve error handling if management is not active
     e83b9d2 test colors
     332aa4d move dictionary definitions
     f25c396 rename lua table to ltx
     120c368 remade dvips test (pdfversion change)
     56b2691 Merge branch 'splitting' of https://github.com/latex3/pdfresources into splitting
     72c7fe0 follow expl3 backend names
     5668fc0 hyperref changes
     bffeedf split pdfmode in pdftex and luatex, follow l3backend
     242aff7 correctly initialize object for dvipdfmx
     ed10eda rewrote new-transparent to use new dvipdfmx special
     9b9dfc3 remade test after shipout code change (hss)
     671d5f7 ups
     e15a6ca transparency test
     ed72f2e remove preview patch
     1184c07 remove local pgfutil-latex.def patch, no longer needed with new pgf
     2af80aa use expl3 names
     7bbcc1c change key name driver to backend
     0e5a9bf renamed \DeclareDocumentMetadata
     45bcf63 remade tests after xdvipdfmx, hyperxmp changes
     b917677 Merge branch 'splitting' of https://github.com/latex3/pdfresources into splitting
     876a387 remade dvips tests after ghostscript update
     559e1ab Merge branch 'splitting' of https://github.com/latex3/pdfresources into splitting
     12e677a correction to new-attachfile (but still not working)
     c69996b replace zref by xref
     75aff79 correct guard
     da2ae5e using zref as fall back
     aeb8cc7 correct switch
     c70b165 restore new-pdflscape.sty
     5f42856 restore new-pdflscape.sty
     1e51ef8 install new-pdflscape
     c157c67 adapt to changes in hook order, command names
     a2d2c23 Merge branch 'test-drop-zref' of https://github.com/latex3/pdfresources into test-drop-zref
     d9d55f8 merged new-pdflscape from splitting
     292404c add bsphack/esphack
     2731cb1 correct epoch moddate setting
     a4272ce renamed main dtx
     c8b3fc2 ins file
     57b6b70 coredict rename in pdfresources.dtx
     d91cea9 coredict rename, patches
     04b4bf8 l3backend-extra,coredict rename
     c58d13c hyperref, l3pdffile, l3pdfinit, l3pdfutils coredict rename
     ed93c13 adapt messages
     23ae8da coredict renaming-> testfiles
     8e48a68 correct property name
     96b314e adapted noxetex tests, new transparent
     01b4d86 adapted dvips tests
     6330c92 correct get function, no handler for now
     28a3b5c adapt newpdflscape
     4aa2331 rename hyp-field-sty
     c94462f rename coredict in experiments
     59c31ab test file, todo
     38d16d9 test add/remove
     2c7d4d6 improve docu
     73e8560 test more add/remove
     6ad275d working on doku
     02fda42 pdfmanagement introduction
     9bc2297 update todo
     0b27b45 rename boolean, change loading order
     f767e22 move boolean description
     993a46e really move ...
     2ed921e move pdfinit to ltdocinit
     1e7fbb6 improve docu
     0850293 add catalog handler for show
     755f113 test show/add
     fdd0381 working on docu
     d98314a working on hyperref driver options
     2d3504a some comments about color stacks, dvips
     885fa9a reviewing docu
     3838eb6 Merge branch 'rename-coredict' of https://github.com/latex3/pdfresources into rename-coredict
     7204712 save colorstack comment
     021283e avoid empty info entries
     2433489 simplify hyperxmp patch
     b33ea1c docu improvement
     a5d8e58 update todo
     b8c3846 update test
     02e12ef rename pdfresources.sty to pdfmanagement.sty
     9cd8f2e remade tests after show and hyperref changes
     117b6bb add test for format date
     b664dea simplify and unify zref/l3xref handling
     1bb71a7 remade more tests after hyperref info change

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