[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex3] peek-analysis's head updated: Track luatexja changes (bc099daed)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Thu Dec 3 14:00:27 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex3
Branch 'peek-analysis' now includes:

     081b98c7b texlive usage of various "interface" to look at
     4278b56e2 code and a bit of documentation
     a33279e19 l3build driver update
     81fea77ab last minute mess up ... sigh
     3439554ce updates and further documentation
     1c560e69a some code cleanup and additional documentation
     7c73d4946 a bit more docu [ci skip]
     0044d76c6 some late night thoughts ... maybe rubbish [ci skip]
     3afb3fd4d Output box may not be 255 in LuaTeX [ci skip]
     032e09411 Typos [ci skip]
     3a57defcb more tests
     35f9a9af9 use internal @@
     a8872b40e Merge branch 'master' into xmarks
     3b29b7393 minor cleanup
     edefb18d2 back to xmarks as package name more documentation
     1c51fa2a7 Use l3color in l3coffins if available
     474ff38aa Drop IniTeX guards in l3coffins (see #776)
     6aee98ac8 Correct a primitive name
     d37fdf20b Delay font setup to AtBeginDocument
     d6c369e92 Test file updates
     1d7fcc3ca Drop IniTeX guards in l3token (see #776)
     6d6224467 Add prefix "cascade"
     5da6bb56e Add test for https://github.com/latex3/latex2e/issues/351
     8de1d9f19 Wrap uses of key code in \use:n (fixes LaTeX2e issue 351)
     70d6cae75 Update method for using "enable-debug"
     09fbd98b7 Drop IniTeX guards in l3msg (see #776)
     df36fb80b Drop an unnecessary \AtBeginDocument
     414f2a9dd Drop an (almost) unnecessary \AtBeginDocument
     1316fb4ea Drop an (almost) unnecessary \AtBeginDocument
     805e592d0 Mumble
     e0daf3092 Test file adjustments
     1ba28f569 Clarify \AtBeginDocument in l3galley
     c2cc0458c Adjust cctab code for ConTeXt when loading generically (fixes #783)
     a80150b53 Add kernel critical messages for later
     166cd278b Compare version of preloaded l3kernel with expl3
     b9f954a72 Avoid engine-specific logs
     7e925f2ad Remove a stray "~" in header code
     cae397261 Remove a stray header line
     343ee2124 Update expl3.pdf somewhat
     c50f71d75 Track luatexja changes
     7bb3e4a16 Move drawing color selection to l3color
     b8017a6ce Tidy-ups
     62bb0fcb1 dvips PostScript in .tlg files
     7db968be9 Move SVG scope operations to backend-basics
     0a232ede8 Remove an extraneous .luatex.tlg file
     299cd4820 Update expl test files following backend renames
     459d73055 Propagate color changes in dvips-based tests
     dec094d18 Various \end{macro} fixes
     7f17dd88c Another \end{macro} fix
     697adc0cd Propagate color changes in dvips-based tests
     160e6ba6c Correct XeTeX outcomes
     e738ae510 Propagate color changes in dvips-based tests
     9b6f3547d Remove an old piece of markup
     f36191277 Drop IniTeX guards from l3backend
     85f80246e Drop IniTX guards from l3experimental
     723c169f3 Drop IniTeX guards from l3packages
     e6ddebbd5 Drop l3hooks
     a49805e9a Drop IniTeX guards from l3trial
     d4fac2c5d faster keys_trim_spaces
     017f3c5c8 update testfile with new scan marks
     e3774580d remove unused quarks
     8c9701dcf add test for path trimming
     ae100f9c8 remove stray assignment
     538d4e999 faster keys_parent:o
     3e2020477 faster keys_find_key_module:
     d658f4124 faster keys_property_find
     05b2e820e protected auxiliaries for keys_find_key_module
     4a4928eff justify cs_set_nopar:Npx
     65017aaf2 remove braces around one-token args
     aad4dc348 add keys_property_find:n bug tests
     da97d6a80 Drop IniTeX guards from l3kernel
     4391cca08 Log keys changes [ci skip]
     bc6a77909 Enable creation of new color models (#757)
     525412c51 Step release tag
     1d7affbcc Tidy up 'spot' usage in l3color
     21a0acc8d Added support for "hsb" color
     4c3b1b1ee Restrict commit emails to latex3/latex3
     1ffee6e3e Remove some redundant DocStrip guards
     a569e3a1f Handle xcolor "model1:model2" input
     c186279c5 Add support for "Gray" color model
     384c6cba3 Add support for "wave" color model
     98353069b Correct range for  "HSB" color model
     b86bd2847 Add missing mark-up
     504c93a12 Enable \file_compare_timestamp:nNn(TF) in LuaTeX (fixes #792)
     b00f9f99a Correct macrocode mark-up
     1376cf144 Use xcollor method for wave to rgb conversion
     786d88974 Typo
     8e237df69 graphics is now a dep for latex-bin
     6bd2f833d Extend comments on l3draw transformations
     f9284924c Further work on xparse guards
     3b96b7176 Correct implementation of \str_set_convert:Nnnn for 8-bit encodings (#773)
     312093cbf Correct section level and typos
     89c540db5 Add engine_exec and engine_format strings
     be8b214fa Add \__kernel_dependency_version_check:Nn
     20ce66ddb Document \c__kernel_expl_date_tl and 50bf12d
     4afa3d412 typo
     cbdbb5fe7 Use dependency check in expl3.dtx
     b8e638b67 Update test files
     ef6473f17 Guard against reload in latexrelease
     891ca064c Improve wording
     709114ff3 The date is not always equal, so test for a minimum
     a33d6d622 Update test files
     fefc0b1b8 Define kernel date on the fly in package mode
     ea1f2cf56 Add dependency checking for l3backend
     e41d4fca9 Update test files
     3917c9795 Add :nn and update documentation
     623b465ec Use manually set minimal date
     0c2336901 Engine may be "luatex"
     969e9bc3c Mark up "TeX"
     c2ea24926 Correct a couple of dates
     7614b8a2b Add dvilualatex to known formats
     2e238f3d1 Extend \c_sys_engine_format_str
     6c4d2729d Typo
     343385364 \DocInclude never worked (because in 2e the argument was space delimited) fixed spacing issue when displaying command name in margin
     8d816cf57 and another missing space ...
     834e4b2ec Emulate Ucharcat primitive in LuaTeX
     509d70e87 Emulate \tex_strcmp:D in LuaTeX
     a4272f4ae Implement file pseudo-primitives
     a60c398f9 Adapt to l3doc syntax rules
     584a5791c Extend LuaTeX emulation of \tex_filedump:N
     08a9b9f03 New timestamp formatting implementation
     274c1092d Adjust test to emulated primitives
     5e795896e Adapt l2bigint to pseudo-primitive
     470e70a11 Simplify docstrip guards
     a4c05bf71 Make comment more precise
     31872c00f Multiple smaller things
     b97cc1c93 ltxtutils -> ltx.utils
     60cf27fcb Updated requirements for LuaTeX
     3f12009d7 Move shell escape to pseudo primitives
     79b6b5cc5 Add missing \exp_args:NNNv for \ior_get_term:nN
     ff87c2295 Move m3expl009 test to latex3/latex2e (fixes #797)
     a36cd6767 Updated l3benchmark for LuaTeX
     9d69f7985 xbox: drop expl loading
     9695731e6 xbox: Update some markup
     3d2fc1e4f xbox: Mark up internal hbox commands correctly
     5534b780c xbox: "internal" not "tmp"
     a1417a1ff xbox: Correct the internal box used for measuring
     61959fb6f xbox: Update meta-comment [ci skip]
     94d39b0e3 xbox: Drop internal boxes after use
     550d971ee xbox: Create the correct internal box
     6c5085e1b xbox: Drop IniTeX-focussed guards
     98d221ab7 xbox: Drop braces round command name
     8691a9983 xbox: Renew not New
     064ec1bef xbox: Correct docs for framing
     2ca763a47 xbox: Correct mark-up
     3168cb08e xbox: Include picture mode support
     a4c58aea6 Document \CoordsToLengths
     1ccda2fe5 xbox: Log new registers
     14da7724d xbox: Picture mode now works
     5041f868b Track CTeX/LuaOTFLoad changes
     56e25d942 xbox: Extend tests to picture mode
     a3fef0fe8 Document that hbox functions contain color group
     00bb9ec8e xbox: Use variants to deal with \fboxsep/rule
     4e16bcc68 Extend \CoordsToLength docs
     9cc213bd9 xbox: Document the point of the module
     fd0661c3a xbox: Add a note on box vs coffin
     b8cbab7f0 xbox: Extend internals for \parbox
     3d1f3099d xbox: Stylistic change
     d5beb32f2 xbox: Document vertical pos. functions
     ae29cf50d xbox: Add \parbox support
     fef540385 Typo
     e19bd0d10 xbox: Document use of \@parboxrestore
     a5f74ef82 xbox: \CoordsToLengths accepts reals
     127224631 xbox: Document code-level parbox interface
     77d4c2d01 xbox: First pass on minipage
     341f8898a Typo
     e38ddf92d xbox: Notes on \framebox variation cf LaTeX2e/2.09
     a23a90dae Add \hbox_overlap_center:n
     dd3d9e8e5 xbox: Add \clap
     8ff917776 xbox: Add \underline
     750e3a649 Who knows what date that was ...
     0ec33460a \clap is not yet in release LaTeX
     e5da133d6 A few code typos
     139399216 xbox: \underline should use same rule/sep as the primitive
     efd5e98da xbox: Add \rule
     3de2bf2ea xbox: Better lrbox test
     f6bba1a6c xbox: Fix \makebox tests
     baea9ab73 xbox: New approach for lrbox
     a9dc418d3 Simplify a conditional
     777e6fcef Split up separation color backend
     dd42f08f5 (x)dvipdfmx and dvisvgm (likely) don't work with spot colors
     82b102d95 First attempt at separations in dvips
     2ceb44646 Ref. for spot colors in dvips
     dab5221c5 Code typos
     219f4d223 Test file update
     1530b31d0 Missing "\begin{macrocode}"
     881d5ad2c Remove stray "\end{macro}"
     38b66905e Missed an argument
     05ec2d97e A few code typos
     ca23f18df Get spot colors working in dvips
     fce20af2b Switch (x)dvipdfmx to its own color special approach
     0c0a64c65 Missing end brace
     6793630b9 One missed test change
     04ce0ae09 Test file updates
     2bf5dc396 Enable separation colors in dvipdfmx
     1de799d87 Fix l3backend file date [ci skip]
     f1ead8268 Document new primitive behavior
     7436b764d Fix typo
     089d3b88f Split pdfmode into pdftex and luatex
     d8588c331 Use str not cs test for expansion exclusion
     ce1ae7e42 Use str not cs test for case-change exclusion
     a372f4cfb Step release tag
     8ff80cea1 A few notes on XeTeX backend code
     25c18f44b Save primitive definition of \pdfoutptut with cslatex
     f1c50e784 Step release tag
     b9c2916e9 Correctly step release tag
     a332de415 Tidy up [ci skip]
     027d5a51a Message formatting
     d09e4b58b fix object new for pdftex/luatex
     f929d765d correct annotation last command (pdftex), correct space (luatex)
     c0fa18aeb Update CHANGELOG [ci skip]
     b673e0e8f Update CHANGELOG [ci skip] (fixes #799)
     ffffad17b Add a note re. backend code
     08de3c131 Define \c__kernel_expl_date_tl in the generic loader (fixes #800)
     a6c820a36 Do not require e-TeX just yet
     3b69f79be Check also if \development at branch@name exists
     89347cece Use an expl3 message to avoid defining \@latex at error (also fixes #800)
     948733a43 Log changes
     cf6dd0f4d Step release tag
     15657b44d Source re-arrangement
     ea3305e15 Tighten up docs
     9f781753c Cosmetic change
     221a66cd9 Use a separate object for Separation tint trans.
     d396c5a4f Correct separation selection for XeTeX
     77e388bfe Update test files
     11fef0fd6 Formatting
     d506d0aec Update test file
     e892c80b2 Correct an internal variable name
     c30a4ee22 Correct typos in CIELAB support
     612e4ecd4 Rename "cielab" to "CIELAB"
     b5e970b00 Drop some DocStrip conditionals
     1ca42d17f Better approach to dvips Separations
     f2cd31dab Avoid expanding \AtBeginDvi
     c4503e66d Correct backend logic for CIELAB color
     1315bd9a2 Source markup
     64bfbde3b Extend dvips backend to cover arbitrary Separations
     7845cfc57 Enable CIELAB support with dvips
     d39cef091 Step release tag
     d1e4c5874 Implement \token_if_primitive:N in Lua
     4c8ac81af Revert "Adjust test to emulated primitives"
     42ac1563e Add additional cases for primitive detection
     3a791b149 Adjust documentation
     d3d0a874a Adjust testfiles
     4aac05d1a Merge branch 'luacmd' into master
     c788e78eb Fix wrong signature
     5685656b1 Initial support for DeviceN color spaces
     78f1f9f6e Special-case "none" colorant
     34a8d7bab Test file update
     76f47e5da Enable color mixes with DeviceN colors
     1d6061628 Add tests for DeviceN color space creation
     1f39e6adf Add fallback color conversion for DeviceN/Separation to CMYK
     9ead403bd Add color conversion for DeviceN spaces
     10c63333f Fix error recovery in DeviceN creation
     0150ae3b3 Add tests for Separation/DeviceN export
     332677cce Step release tag
     eb5e06c1a Correct mark up
     5bbe9e0ea Correct mark-up
     287902611 Fix production of l3backend-code PDF
     c9b5a5990 Revert "Fix production of l3backend-code PDF"
     0e647ad37 Plan B to fix l3backend-code PDF
     dcbd19f37 Missed test file updates
     5c342f148 Add LuaTeX pseudo-primitive changes to ChangeLogs
     ccac7bf33 Mark up [ci skip]
     0828b6d03 Step release tag
     21407439d Document l3backend-code PDF
     f2d611fe7 Step release tag
     4d4ded967 Use \input not \file_input:n to load generic xparse code
     739617e1d Register prefix (platex)
     8eeb89c7a Typo
     03f9c1d43 Drop a stray guard
     fc889e178 Adjust docus
     014272041 Fix LuaTeX's strcmp after \endinput
     37e03ad7e Step release tag
     1f2d0100d Add a missing macrocode line
     e1103f720 Set up case changer internals using \fmtname
     55a0b1440 Simplify an internal macro
     19ea461b8 Tidy up Changelog [ci skip]
     2591d3f7d Terminate \rule correctly (see #815)
     5dc338962 \rule:nnn should be hmode (see #815)
     d672d6b6e Fix some mark-up
     692105958 Top half of 8-bit range should be active for pdfTeX, etc. (fixes #814)
     f758e3510 zap xmarks
     e35509269 Merge branch 'master' into xmarks
     8bb6d0071 Log change [ci skip]
     de1aa9be2 Further \rule:nnn improvements (see #815)
     ae6911cc2 Drop a \rule (see #815)
     687952f66 Missing \hbox:n (see #815)
     632555f9d Zap l3xref
     994ceb11a A useful comment
     4b783c7f9 Extend case changer to cover all of Greek with pdfTeX
     e1185dd40 Fix mark-up
     1437a662d Minor doc tweak for Greek/pdfTeX case changing
     94fe54582 Update test files
     c760d22c2 Typo
     937bcb6af Extend final-sigma support to 8-bit engines
     c677daef0 Code comments
     5b3a0cccd Swap a stray space
     fd898d923 Update package requirements
     84d3a5989 Test file updates
     2395a3093 Still require alphalph
     77afd5df5 Still require bibtex
     126ac62ff Still require catchfile
     4471626b6 Remove an old comment
     b2c8cfc25 Improve typesetting of a number in l3fp documentation (fixes #807)
     8481e455a Avoid relying on \input taking braces
     e2208262b Typos [ci skip]
     54f8761ed Fix equivalent of \end in \text_purify:n
     c10df4750 Overhaul Greek case changer
     aeb22f520 Missed upTeX
     18f5b6b0b Enable handling of eta-acute in Greek uppercasing
     965407eb6 Correct handled of eta-actute
     13b501640 Extend Greek eta-acute code to polytonic case
     fda79f30f Extend Greek eta-acute support to first word
     20b2c18d1 faster tl_if_empty:n
     1560d03e0 faster tl_if_single:n
     ed16622b0 no unnecessary exp_not: in tl_put_right
     7dafde53b slightly faster tl_if_blank:n
     0bbd1deac slightly faster tl_head:n
     2e3ddea40 faster tl_if_head_is_N_type:n
     3af4f2fa6 slightly faster tl_if_head_is_group:n
     1c90496e5 faster tl_if_head_is_space:n
     5c3f4ff31 slightly faster tl_trim_spaces:n
     271612bc8 faster tl_act end test
     dd340ae8f use __kernel_exp_not:w \exp_after:wN instead of \exp_not:o
     b82b0c596 even faster tl_if_head_is_space:n
     567e349d5 documentation updates
     7b61ecf35 tl_head and tl_tail in halign test
     afd1614ff more tl_head and tl_tail tests
     edc55f386 faster tl_head:n
     d258706de typo
     0122ebd2d @@ notation
     fe98d96d1 fix tl_if_single:nTF; add tests
     0fc23eb81 add __kernel_tl_set and __kernel_tl_gset
     feefe946f use __kernel_tl_(g)set:Nx instead of tl_(g)set:Nx where possible
     7c20802d0 document __kernel_tl_(g)set:Nx
     3ac04ab56 fix doc of tl_if_empty:n
     579f54ad6 rename __tl_use_none_delimit_by_q_act_mark:w
     aeb7ffc08 tweak tl_if_head_is_N_type:n
     a9973c0e3 slightly faster tl_if_head_is_space:n
     08ddf7e03 correctly handle __kernel_tl_(g)set:Nx in l3debug
     6c0d885e3 tweak tl_if_head_is_group:n to be optimized by prg_new_conditional
     3db75c3f8 fix #808
     9e37ae8c3 add tests for #808
     c4a0d94b8 add explanation why hack in tl_if_head_eq_meaning:nN is fine
     44a93534e fix documentation of __tl_trim_spaces:nn
     6225c8366 don't use exp_not:o in tl_trim_spaces:n
     639712bfe more tests for predicates of tl_if_head_eq_...
     aa89783be add tlg for 8f4e342
     21b192160 faster __tl_act:NNNnn
     adecdb8c1 use @@ instead of __tl
     c18fb4927 define first token tests before token by token changes
     e73f772b0 pre-expand some internal functions
     6c28279da change q__tl_act_stop to a scan mark
     4f2cfec9b remove unnecessary exp_after:wNs
     d08f7c480 faster tl_if_head_eq_meaning:nN for N-type
     e619f0a16 revert tl_if_head_eq_meaning:nN changes
     806f1c844 Fix typos and code style
     e4bd56427 Use \@@_tmp:w consistently and remove its definition at the end of l3tl
     2a9272c5b Define \@@_act_loop:w in one go rather than separate pieces of code
     e214ce945 Skip a micro-optimization in tl-act based functions
     1a596b2c3 Remove unused argument in tl-act functions
     372a3267c Code mark-up
     6cdd9381e Implement \token_if_font_selection:NTF (fixes #806)
     63a810e66  Log changes [ci skip]
     c1a76b78f Step release tag
     8a280c330 Typo [ci skip]
     ef3d80a9f Prep work for 8-bit Greek case changing
     8a19cc0b2 Clearer wording on :D specifier
     506302880 prefix update
     a019d10c8 new prefixes [ci skip]
     72c65cdfe ø
     be7c7a163 -Extend `\text_purify:n` to cover `\@protected at testopt`
     91e8e7ad0 Oops
     74df33049 docu fix; thanks HV
     a3ef5e2f9 add shipout prefix
     276791fd6 add pdfmanagement prefix
     2ce4fb87f add hyp prefix for hyperref
     bdf0320ba add filehook prefix from ltfilehook
     e628d06fd Merge pull request #826 from latex3/newprefixes
     36390d884 Update LaTeX2e to 2020-10-01 PL2
     7a931ad07 LaTeX2e 2020-10-01 forces xparse as a checkdep
     23fb7805c LaTeX2e 2020-10-01 load ordering changes
     0ad06636d Missed one
     d0d73c9b1 Missed one
     f655fc53a Simpler code for setting \c__kernel_expl_date_tl
     b0a30dc9d Implement \peek_analysis_map_inline:n
     556c5c4fe Test \peek_analysis_map_inline:n
     79036b6f1 Document \peek_analysis_map_inline:n in the right place
     dd4295213 Fix peeking active characters
     bc099daed Track luatexja changes

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