[l2h] Can't locate internals.pl in @INC

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Tue Oct 15 03:23:35 CEST 2019

shige 10/15 2019

"Russell L. Harris" wrote:
| I am learning the ins and outs of latex2html in order to resurrect a
| web site which years ago was based on hyperlatex and was automatically
| generated by Make.
| In testing on a simple example file, both latex and latex2html appear
| to work properly.  But when I put an \input command into the example,
| latex2html produces the error message "Can't locate internals.pl in
| @INC".

This is the problem for using old latex2html (ex. version 2017) 
and new perl (ex. version 5.26). In new perl, current directory
'.' is not in @INC.

| A Perl programmer suggested that the command "use lib '.';" might be
| needed, but I do not know where to insert the command.

You insert it (or 

  push(@INC, ".");

) to your .latex2html-init file in your home directory, or 
current directory.

Another solution is to modify your latex2html script from

    require ("${PREFIX}internals.pl") if (-f "${PREFIX}internals.pl");


    if (-f "${PREFIX}internals.pl") {
        my $file = "${PREFIX}internals.pl";
        if ($file !~ /^\Q$dd\E/) {
            $file = ".$dd$file";
        require ($file);

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