[l2h] Problems with the \color command

Heiko Schröder heikos at online.de
Sun Oct 13 05:55:41 CEST 2019

Thanks Andrew for your suggestion.  I now found out that not the
command is the problem but the package itself.  


alone generates a peculiar behaviour which never occured the past ten

Suppose you try to translate a file called lmg.tex.  

1. If the package is NOT loaded, everything is fine.  
2. If the package is loaded, there are two results: 
	a.) If the directory lmg/ exists, you will get an erroneous
website without any self defined buttons e.g.. b.) If the direcotry
lmg/ does not exist, the browser tries to find a website called
www.lmg.com in the net. 

A VERY peculiar behaviour.  And annoying apart from that, because this
did not occur the last ten years.  Seems as if Donald Knuths aim to get
a document that could be translated even after 100 years is not shared
by some developments.  

Best regards Heiko

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