[l2h] Installing problems

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Mon Dec 16 08:43:36 CET 2019

shige 12/16 2019

Roy Hogan wrote:
| I am trying to install latex2html 2019.2 and cannot get past the "make test"
| step.  My installation appears to be missing preview.sty.   Is this style
| file part of the distribution or not?  If the installation needs it, seems
| like it would be part of the package.  Any advice would be appreciated.  

Current latex2html (2018.3 or after) uses preview package, but it
it is not included in latex2html distributions.

1) Preview package is included in some TeX systems like as 
TeXLive or MiKTeX. If you use such TeX systems, you don't need 
to install it.

2) Preview package is available on CTAN site:


If you download and install it on your PC, the problem may be 

3) latex2html (2018.3 or after) uses the preview package when 
USE_DVIPNG (default), or IMAGE_TYPE = svg (default). So, if you 
specify options 

  -nouse_dvipng -image_type=png

to latex2html, the problem may not occur. At "make test", please

  make test "ARGS=-nouse_dvipng -image_type=png"

But, If you want svg images for equations, you should follow 1) 
or 2).

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