[l2h] non-integer calculations -- any way to do this?

bmassing at cs.trinity.edu bmassing at cs.trinity.edu
Fri Apr 5 18:35:18 CEST 2019

First, I agree that it doesn't seem feasible for latex2html to 
implement all of TeX.

Below is a short simple program showing my current macros and
usage.  I wrote the macros a long time ago, and on looking at
them again, they're kind of ugly.  But they get the job done --
as long as I only want to use integers.  That's starting to 
feel restrictive.

There are various options for doing arithmetic on floating-point
values, including what seem to be a variety of LaTeX packages.
It occurs to me, however, that very likely none of them will do
what I want to, *because* I want to be able to print the total
at the top of the document.  My current macros can do that using
\refstepcounter and \label, but I don't think any of the LaTeX
packages I've looked at would do that.

More and more I think I need to just write a preprocessor!  "How
hard can it be" ....  :-)?

==== start of .tex file ====


% ---- macros ----



	({#1} points)

% ---- document ----


Total credit:  \ref{tpoints} points.

\item \Points{10} Do this problem.
\item \Points{30} Do that problem.



==== end of .tex file ====

-- blm

On Fri, Apr 05, 2019 at 08:19:48AM +0300, Сергей Знаменский wrote:
>>  Dear bmassing at cs.trinity.edu!
>>  True TeX syntax is too complicated to be fully implemented 
>>  in convertors like latex2html. Only the most sensitive features 
>>  can be supported.
>>  In order to recommend some approach the simple usage examples 
>>  (TeX source fragment with desirable text/HTML results) are
>>  necessary. 
>>  Would You like to provide simple examples of what You'd like to get?  
>>  Yours, Sergej
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>>  > Subject: [l2h] non-integer calculations -- any way to do this?
>>  > 
>>  > I have a set of macros I originally wrote only for LaTeX that
>>  > do some primitive calculations, calculating a runniing total
>>  > using LaTeX's counter mechanism.  At some point I started using
>>  > these macros with TeX source to be processed with latexh2ml.
>>  > They seem to work fine, but now I'd like to revise the macros to
>>  > support non-integer values for the running total.  It looks like
>>  > there are many options for doing this in LaTeX, but no surprise,
>>  > I'm not finding anything that latex2html can deal with properly.
>>  > So:
>>  > 
>>  > Can anyone think of a way to easily do this?  perhaps a
>>  > latex2html-friendly LaTeX package??  (This seems unlikely,
>>  > but might as well ask?)
>>  > 
>>  > If that's not feasible, I'm thinking that if I get really
>>  > determined I could try to tweak latex2html, but I can't figure
>>  > out where to start!  Documentation says it provides some
>>  > primitive support for plain-TeX commands such as \newdimen,
>>  > but I'm sure not finding anyplace in the source that does that.  ?
>>  > 
>>  > Or maybe there's some totally different approach I could use
>>  > instead?  pre-processing the source, post-processing the result .... ?
>>  > 
>>  > Suggestions appreciated!
>>  > 
>>  > -- blm
>>  > 

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